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Crystal Cathedral

Main Service Times: Main - 9:30 & 11:00 AM | Evening - 7:00 PM | Arabic - 1:15 PM

Hazel Wright Organ

Hazel Wright Organ - click to view larger image Organ Organ

More About Crystal Cathedral

The stately Hazel Wright Pipe Organ inside the Crystal Cathedral is the most widely heard organ in the world today, made possible through our Hour of Power television ministry. The organ also ranks among the world’s largest in scale.

This magnificent instrument was made possible by more than $2 million in gifts from Mrs. Hazel Wright of Chicago, Illinois. Mrs. Wright and her husband were viewers of Dr. Schuller’s weekly television program, “Hour of Power.” As adorers of the church’s music, they sought to thank Dr. Schuller for his ministry with the gift of a pipe organ for his congregation’s new worship space. With Mrs. Wright’s enthusiastic support and participation, world-recognized organ virtuoso Virgil Fox was asked to design an instrument befitting the splendid glass cathedral.

Mr. Fox’s design combined the historic 1962, 100-rank Aeolian-Skinner instrument from New York’s Lincoln Center with the church’s 1977, 94-rank Ruffatti organ from the Neutra Sanctuary. In addition, Ruffatti installed 29 new ranks.

Following its 1982 dedication, the organ was significantly enlarged and enhanced during the 16-year tenure of renowned Organist Emeritus Frederick Swann.

The organ now utilizes 270 ranks, 31 digital ranks, and more than 16,000 pipes. Its 14 divisions are fully playable from two five-manual consoles.

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