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Crystal Cathedral

Main Service Times: Main - 9:30 & 11:00 AM | Evening - 7:00 PM | Arabic - 1:15 PM

Teacher's Homepages

About Crystal Cathedral Academy

The classroom teachers at the Crystal Cathedral Academy are experienced, loving, and dedicated. Of the teachers, many have their masters, or are working on their masters degree. In addition, we also have a fully qualified staff of specialists. These teachers provide the exceptional instruction in the arts You can find out more about our staff by logging on to their individual teacher pages.

  • Mrs. Carole Barber
    Mrs. Carole Barber

  • Mr. Smith
    Secondary Principal

Administration Staff

  • Linda Lind, Student Accounts/Room Management
  • Mike Miley, Security/Safety, Aide

To visit a teacher's homepage, click on the next to their name. If you would like to email them directly, just click on the .

Elementary School Staff

  • Kindergarten Mrs. Vandercook
  • 1st Grade Mrs. Johnson
  • 2nd Grade Mrs. Parra
  • 3rd Grade Mrs. Dey
  • 4th Grade Miss C. Schenk
  • 5th Grade Mrs. Papelian

Middle School Staff

  • Mrs. Shin
  • Mrs. E. Schenk
  • Mr. Smith
  • Miss C. Teske

High School Staff

  • Miss Calderon
  • Mrs. Enriquez
  • Mr. Maxwell
  • Mr. Salazar
  • Mrs. Graham


  • Music/Choir Head Mrs. Aspling
  • MS/ HS Dance Miss T. Chapman
  • K-5 Music/HS Choir Miss DeLeon
  • Art: 6-12 Miss Doane
  • Art: K-5/ HS Ceramics Mrs. Hong
  • PE 6-12 Athletic Director Coach Kays
  • Piano Mrs. Kok
  • M. S. & H.S. Band/Music Mr. Mejia
  • Library Mr. Roberson
  • PE K-5 Mrs. E. Schenk
  • Drama/Activities Miss S. Teske
  • Strings & Guitar Mr. Velez
  • Registrar Dina Robinson
  • Middle School Staff Mr. Doane


  • Denise Weisner
  • Jacqueline Matthiessen

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