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Crystal Cathedral

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General Information

Your Wedding
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All weddings held on the Crystal Cathedral campus are under the direction of the church personnel. You will be assigned a hostess and host for your wedding. You are to direct all of your concerns and requests to your hostess on the day of your wedding. She is the only one who can address you needs. Other staff members will ask you to consult your hostess. We schedule our weddings so that each and every wedding party is made to feel special and not conflict with other weddings on the campus at the same time.

In consideration of others and in order to preserve an atmosphere of worship on our campus we do not permit drinking or smoking on the campus.

Liquor, rice, birdseed, or confetti are not permitted on the campus, including, but not limited to, the parking lots and limousines parked or driving on the grounds. Those violating these guidelines will be asked to leave the grounds immediately.

Bubbles are acceptable

Each wedding is allocated two (2) hours for the following:

The bride and her bridesmaids will have access to one of our bride's rooms for dressing and pictures.

Thirty (30) minutes is allocated for the actual ceremony.
Thirty (30) minutes after the ceremony is allocated for taking pictures inside the venue you have selected.

It is imperative that your wedding start promptly at the scheduled time. If it is unavoidable to begin your wedding more then ten minutes past the scheduled time we may have to postpone your wedding a until all other promised wedding times are met that day. This will also add additional cost to you to accommodate for added payroll expenses.

We ask that you take pictures with our pastors first as they have other commitments to keep. Pictures may be taken on the grounds for as long as you wish.

Receiving lines are not permitted after the ceremony. You will need to make arrangements to do this at your reception.

Your Rehearsal
Your rehearsal will be scheduled the week of your wedding usually on either Wednesday or Thursday evening. Your hostess will contact you a few days before the evening of your rehearsal.

Your one- hour wedding rehearsal must start on time and we ask that your entire bridal party be present. This is for your benefit to insure a smooth, well planned wedding. If your rehearsal starts late, it will still end at the scheduled time or an additional fee of $50 to $100 will be charged to cover additional cost in staffing.

It is not necessary to have any musicians or soloists at the rehearsal and we ask that if you have your photographer present that they not take posed pictures until after the rehearsal is over.

Your officiating pastor will not be present and we ask that you not have your personal pastor attend if you are using one.

Dressing Room
We will have the bride's room ready for your use on the day of your wedding. The bride and her bridesmaids may arrive one hour prior to the wedding.

Any personal effects must be removed from the dressing room prior to the wedding ceremony. We suggest that you appoint someone not in the bridal party or family to be responsible for removing everything from this room. We cannot be responsible for anything left behind.

There is no food or drink allowed in the dressing rooms with the exception of water.

We strongly advise that the bridal party, including the bride, eat a little something before they arrive for the wedding.

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