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Crystal Cathedral

Main Service Times: Main - 9:30 & 11:00 AM | Evening - 7:00 PM | Arabic - 1:15 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is there a security deposit?
A: Yes, a $500 security deposit is required for ceremony venues; subject to refund. A $1000 security deposit is required for ceremony and reception venues; subject to refund. Security Deposit charge is not applied to actual cost of venue.

Q. Does the Crystal Cathedral offer wedding receptions only?
A: No, We only offer receptions for couples that are being married in one of our venues. A small discount applies for booking both ceremony and reception.

Q: How long do we have for our reception?
A: Four hours is permitted for receptions. Receptions must end by 9:00pm.

Q. Is dancing permitted?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the latest time we can stay for our wedding reception?
A: 9 PM.

Q: Can we use the Arboretum for both our wedding and reception?
A: Yes, for a maximum of 200 guests.

Q: Can we use our own caterer?
A: Yes. We refer you to caterers and you meet and make your own arrangements with them. However we will consider an “outside” caterer but there is an additional non-refundable fee and prior to approval they must meet certain guidelines. Contact our office for additional details.

Q: When is our final payment due?
A: Six to eight weeks before your wedding date.

Q: Can we do only wedding pictures here?
A: Please call the wedding office at 714-971-4240 for details.

Q: Do we have to be church members to be married here?
A: No.

Q: Can our pastor do our wedding here?
A: Yes, however it is our policy that our pastor officiate and your personal pastor co-officiate. Please call for details.

Q: Is marriage counseling required before we can get married here?
A: Yes, three sessions are offered to each couple before they are married. The cost is included in your overall fee.

Q: What is required to be married here?
A: A California state issued marriage license, three pre-marital counseling sessions and one meeting with the pastor before your wedding date.

Q. What denomination is the Crystal Cathedral?
A. The Crystal Cathedral is a member of Reformed Church in America. Please visit the "What We Believe " page of our website for more information.

Q: What is the Crystal Cathedral's booking policy?
A: An initial $500 deposit will be due for your wedding/reception area at the time of booking, if you are having your reception at the Crystal Cathedral and additional $500 is required.

If for some reason you need to postpone your wedding/reception you may do so up to eight weeks prior to the scheduled date. If your wedding/reception is rescheduled within the year, your entire deposit will hold your new booking date. However, if venue prices have increased, the new price will be reflected in your rental fee.

Q: What is the Crystal Cathedral's cancellation policy?
A: You may cancel your wedding /reception six months or more prior to your scheduled date and we will refund all but $200 of each of your deposits. $200 is non-refundable. If you cancel your wedding within three months of your wedding date the entire deposit will be retained. If you cancel your wedding within eight (8) weeks or less from the date of your wedding you will be responsible for the entire balance of your wedding. All requests for cancellations and changes in dates or times must be submitted in writing and approved by the wedding administrator.

Q. Do you charge extra for large bridal parties?
A: Yes, Our normal bridal parties are no more than 25 people. For bridal parties 25-30 there will be an additional charge of $75. For bridal parties over 30 there will be an additional charge of $150. Larger wedding parties require additional staffing and rehearsal time.


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