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Crystal Cathedral

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pray for me

Category: Other
Responders: Public Website

My life has been so upside down for the last three years it is unbelieveable. I worked for a magor airline and fell down a jetwat stair case and torn all the tendons in my wrist, was off for 13 months with it between surgerys and cast,infections. I finally get back to work at a big retail store and 1 month later I am having my lower left lung out for valley fever, the doctor said 2 more days and there would have been nothing she could do for me so they caught it in time, it was the size of a grapefruit, Three more months off work. Go to the docotor's for my check up and find out I am dieabetic, borderline but all in all one more thing to my list.So after all that I finally did something I always wanted to do. i joined our sheriffs dept only as a sav but still it something I wanted to do.I have had all the training to fingerprint so I wanted to put it to good use. Recently i was set up at the big retailer. They add match to other stores. I was fired and arrested, there goes everything I worked for. because the store manager did not like me.set up.please pray things change for me.

Prayer Update written on March 02, 2009:
Lord , Thank you for all these wonderful people that are strangers to me for praying to you for help for me.Bless them only in wonderful ways.I know you won't let me take the walk down the long road by myself, you have shown me the kindness of others. for this I thank you.

-- Meandmyvett2.

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Category: Ongoing Emotional Struggles
Responders: Public Website

Kiri is a 17 year old girl that feels no self worth. She was given up for adoption at birth and her adoptive mother died of a heart attack when she was 9. Kiri was with her when this happened. I am a pastor at an Anglican Church and I have had Kiri since Jan died. She is angry most of the time, she feels worthless, she is failing school because she wants to do so. I have tried to give her love and show her God's love for the last 8 years, but she refuses to receive it. I am now afraid that she is going to hurt herself or someone else. I am waiting help to take her to a psych hospital to get her the help she needs. She has been under the care of a Christian Psychologist, however, it seems to have gone farther than he can manage and he has suggested this. I am very fearful of the fight she will put up when this is suggested to her. She is a beautiful young lady and could have a wonderful life ahead of her. This is so difficult as I love her very much and am watching her self-distruct. Please pray for both of us.
Thank you and God's blessings to you. The Rev. Nancy Stanton

Prayer Update written on February 28, 2009:
I have just come back from putting Kiri in a hospital for teenage mental patients. She is on the suicide watch ward....and they believe she may be bi-polar. Please continue to pray.

-- nancyb1102.

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Pray for my sister and her husband

Category: Financial or Employment Difficulties
Responders: Public Website

My sister and her husband are both losing their jobs in the next couple of weeks. They have an incredible opportunity to move to our area (my boss is willing to hire my sister). Please pray for this, especially for my sister; she is overcome with anxiety about everything. Her husband has bad credit. Though he has taken care of various debts, they still appear on his credit report, and he has been denied opportunities including decent apartments. Please pray that everything will fall into place perfectly in this transition. Thank you so much.

Prayer Update written on March 06, 2009:
My sister's job just ended yesterday (3/5). She has a phone interview with my boss on Monday (3/9). Her husband also has a phone interview on Monday! May God bless and guide these opportunities as they prepare to move wherever this journey will take them.

-- tamg.

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