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Crystal Cathedral

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Mark Thallander

2205 2020-05-06

Mark Thallander (MT) was an organist here in the Crystal Cathedral for 18 years, working alongside Fred Swann. In 2003, Mark was involved in a serious car accident and lost his left arm. Having been surrounded by possibility thinking for 18 years, Mark didn't let this circumstance define his life. Today, Mark is active in the Mark Thallander Foundation, which holds choir festivals around the country. Mark has a new CD entitled, Grace and Peace. Lawrence Wilkes (LW) interviews Mark.

LW: We have a guest today sitting at the organ and he looks as if he never left. Mark Thallander, you were an organist here at the Cathedral a number of years ago. How long ago was that and how long were you with us?

MT: I was here for eighteen years and I've been gone for eighteen years.

LW: Wow, eighteen and eighteen.

MT: That's right.

LW: So this is kind of anniversary.

MT: It is.

LW: Tell us a little bit about your life and about the accident you had some years ago.

MT: On August 3rd 2003, I was traveling from a church in Worcester, Massachusetts to Olgunquit, Maine, where I was staying for just a few days. I was driving in a thunderstorm and that caused me to not be able to really see where I was going. So I was going very slowly and I lost control of the vehicle at the exit and rolled over. My left arm was torn out of its socket, crushed and broken, and I lost fifty to seventy percent of my blood, so it's a miracle that I'm here today.

LW: Wow.

MT: Thankfully, I was grounded in possibility thinking with spending eighteen years here at the Cathedral, and I had selected as my life verse, Philippians 4:13, so that scripture just kept going in my mind: "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

LW: That's wonderful! Praise the Lord for that.

MT: Thank you.

LW: Mark, what have you been doing these past eighteen years?

MT: Most recently, I've been a part of the Mark Thallander Foundation, where we bring together choirs that are accompanied by wonderful pipe organs. We've had large festivals, where there have been up to eleven hundred adult singers and four hundred children, as well as smaller festivals. We've held these festivals in Hawaii, Missouri, Maine and Massachusetts, and our first Canadian festival will be June 3rd.

LW: Wonderful! That's great to hear. Now you have a new CD called Grace and Peace, and it's available on your website, markthallander.com. Mark, you have such a gift of music. Thank you for joining us this morning. God loves you and so do we.

MT: Thank you so much.


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  1. morrisonmj writes:

    Thank you Mark Thallander for sharing your talent and your testimony with all of us! It is truly inspiring to see all that God has done in your live. Thank you for your ministry here at the Crystal Cathedral for the 18 years you were here and thank you for the incredible interview and unbelievable prelude and special number you played for us here on April 22. Truly an inspiration to all!!!!

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    05/29/2012 13:53:24

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