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Crystal Cathedral

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Comments From Our Community

We would love to hear from you! Read recent comments on the various positive messages in our website.

  1. EllieC commented on Louis Zamperini in Guest Interviews:

    Louis Zamperini, thank you for telling your story. It has made a huge impact on my life, I just finished the book and am totally inspired. I wish I could have character as strong as yours, but it gives me something to consider in my less than idyllic moments. Thank you is not enough but is all I can say..God Bless you and all in your life.

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    08/14/2012 00:28:47
  2. Farrah34 commented on Jeanette M. Towne in Guest Interviews:

    What a powerful testimony!!! Praise God for all He has done in this lady's life. I've heard her give her testimony previously on a different program, and all I can say is that this is nothing short of a miracle.

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    08/05/2020 17:38:44
  3. blacksquirrel commented on Treasure in the Heavens in Message Books:

    Thank you dear Bobby for your uplifting, straightforward message delivered in such a sincere believable manner. You have a way of helping people understand that God and heaven are real and accessible in our lives right now - not just a pipe dream. May God bless you and yours!!! You are one of God's special treasures and His light shines brightly through you in word and deed.

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    08/05/2020 11:28:11
  4. jkennis_54 commented on You've Got to be Hungry in Message Books:

    I really loved Les Brown's motivational speech. I wish you had it to where a person could watch it on your website. My daughter knows a man that truly needs to hear this motivational speech. He lost his job & his unemployment has ran out & his family doesn't treat him well or offer him a place to live until he finds a job. If he could listen to this speech instead of read it I am sure that this would be the beginning of planting a seed in him. I don't know if he believes in God or not but he needs to have that seed implanted in him to help him see that there is a light at the in of the tunnel!!

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    07/22/2012 14:11:43
  5. SHANKLINTHOMASREV commented on A Set-Back is a Set-Up for a Comeback in Message Books:

    THIS SERMON is the best ever and Perfect for The Hour of Power/ Crystal Cathedral and everyone. Thank you so much.. Rev. Thomas L. Shanklin, UMC Retired.

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    06/23/2012 22:29:57
  1. blacksquirrel commented on Gratitude and the Good Life in Message Books:

    What a joy it is to receive Bobby Schuller's inspiring messages on the Hour of Power!!!!. Thank you to all responsible.

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    06/10/2020 11:52:06
  2. morrisonmj commented on Mark Thallander in Guest Interviews:

    Thank you Mark Thallander for sharing your talent and your testimony with all of us! It is truly inspiring to see all that God has done in your live. Thank you for your ministry here at the Crystal Cathedral for the 18 years you were here and thank you for the incredible interview and unbelievable prelude and special number you played for us here on April 22. Truly an inspiration to all!!!!

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    05/29/2012 13:53:24
  3. malbong commented on Happiness in the Midst of Suffering in Message Books:

    Thank you to whoever transcribes these messages and posts them onto this website. Your hard work and efforts are much appreciated so that we can read the transcript easily because of you.

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    05/21/2012 00:01:39
  4. kjwertheim commented on Light of the World in Message Books:

    Excellent, excellent, excellent! Finally a positive possibility sermon once again presented with high energy & enthusiasm from GOD. Looking forward to many more messages form Bobby and his father Robert Anthony!

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    05/06/2020 10:12:29
  5. hank schuilenberg commented on Michael Chang in Guest Interviews:

    Icould read this story over and over again. looking for more. Hank.

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    04/15/2012 22:41:19
  1. ab12 commented on Get UP! And Claim Your Miracle! in Devotions:

    Sometimes God will turn things upside down and in the end paints a beautiful painting. http://vimeo.com/23864881

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    03/31/2012 16:32:17
  2. youngeone commented on Bridge Builders in Message Books:

    GLENDA , go to web site ---hope center of christ.

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    03/25/2012 19:51:29
  3. Glenda Goerzen commented on Bridge Builders in Message Books:

    Hi Sheila, I enjoy watching your program when I can. However, it comes on when I am in church so I watch it on the internet. I am wondering what is happening. The last two Sundays, Robert has been on and it appears that these are previous programs. Are you no longer in the Crystal Cathedral? I miss seeing your father, you and your brother-in-law. Will you be discontinuing the broadcasts? I am praying that will not happen. So many times your messages have touched my life and I have printed them out and shared with others. Praying that God will be your strength in whatever lies ahead. If someone can reply to me, I would really appreciate that. Thank you.

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    03/25/2012 18:23:30
  4. BABS61 commented on Life Without Limits in Message Books:

    Wow! What a powerful and inspiring message! Thank you. Your words of hope and encouragement reminded me that even when I think my troubles are too ovewhelming to handle, knowing that God will "hold me in the palm of His Hand", gives me the strength to hope and start anew. This is my prayer: Dear Lord, help me to reach out to you for guidance, even when I feel broken, to discover the joy of of knowing you are in my life. With God, all things are possible. Amen.

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    03/25/2012 12:32:17
  5. BABS61 commented on Eliminating Negative Thinking in Devotions:

    I do believe it is possible to “break the arm” of negative thinking in your mind. I think developing a positive way of thinking is like creating a new habit. You take one step at a time and before you know it, you've eliminated the old and created the new. I've been watching the Hour of Power for a very long time and Dr. Schuller's messages of hope, faith, encouragement, and the inspiring music ministry have enabled me to believe whole heartedly that with God, all things are possible. That is why today I'm working hard at implementing Robert Schuller's concept of "Possibility Thinking" each day. To this end, I try to wake up each morning praising the Lord for a new day, ready to face any obstacles without giving in to negative thoughts. Thank you. Amen.

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    03/25/2012 01:49:36
  1. glowzone723 commented on Life Without Limits in Message Books:

    I am so blessed with this message by Nick.Most especially coming from him.I am revived and awaken by the truths you shared.It opened my eyes and ears .It isnt all about money , about business,etc---its about being humble in the eyes of God and men.Sometimes God wakes us up from our wrongdoings,because most of the times we tend to forget what we are doing is going overboard.But God is a God of grace.He gives us second chances.He builts us up from the inside and makes us better persons so people can see His light through us.I say amen to your prayer, it was really coming from your heart and I say amen to this.Let us keep supporting each other and rebuild our character and when God sees our hearts He will make us rise again without limits and to greater heights! To God be the glory !God loves you and so do I!

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    03/24/2012 22:23:35
  2. hdownh commented on Eliminating Negative Thinking in Devotions:

    I also would like to tell you that Dr. Robert H. Schuller's Crystal Cathedral led me through some of the most emotional and heart-breaking times in my life since 1980 and without the Hour of Power to watch over those years, I would have felt lost and alone. This Ministry based on possibility thinking, was a way to bring me up through the power of Jesus and make me whole and feel like I was worth something, especially through my marriage breakup. Dr. Schuller's preaching help me be a 'leader' again in my own life and get my self-confidence back. I have followed this Ministry since 1980 and then when my son was stricken with colon cancer, this Ministry, through the 'Request for Prayer' forum, made it so that I was then and only then able to get through loosing him and his family also since cancer seems to do terrible things to a family. Then came my breast cancer and then again my husbands pancreas problems. The Hour of Power has been irreplaceable for me & kept me going thru all this.

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    03/18/2012 11:54:02
  3. BABS61 commented on Get UP! And Claim Your Miracle! in Devotions:

    Fear is such a strong emotion and so does hinder us from overcoming it. When I am feeling overwhelmed, I turn to the scriptures for strength and guidance. I find Jesus again and my faith is renewed. I strongly believe that small miracles can happen every day, only if we can just keep our eyes and ears open to God's grace; it will set you free. I'm reminded of the words from the hymn, Open My Eyes. I reads: "Open my eyes,Lord. Help me to see your face... Open my ears, Lord. Help me to hear your voice." My prayer is: Lord Jesus, I am able to turn to you in faith. I thank you for this gift and with your holy spirit guiding me all the way, I can overcome. Amen!

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    03/17/2012 09:27:17
  4. glowzone723 commented on Get UP! And Claim Your Miracle! in Devotions:

    I say Yes , Lord for my miracle for in you I am made whole.No more negative thoughts in my life.For in you I find hope .Thank you , Lord for your touch that I am who I am today because of you .Thank you , Sheila for this wonderful daily devotion.I pray that you have won all the battles thay may come in anyway! God loves you and so do I!

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    03/17/2012 06:49:35
  5. Wolfgangphil commented on I am Not Worthy of a Miracle! in Devotions:

    If we could calculate God, what would we do? We would negotiate with Him constantly impatient with prayers and certain behaviors, so that our never-ending desires are fulfilled. How unworthy! Should the sinful man to be the cause for the effect of the Holy God? Absurd. God has control over His creation, not us. He sees my heart and used me. Can our hope be in vain for a miracle? Oh no! But we also know that God sees things from a different level. God is different and He helps us different. Often unnoticed. He does great things in His mercy and grace. How many lost people He has reached through this ministry and saved? Today I see so clearly as never before the miracle of the work of C.C. pastors and all who serve in this particular church. Thank you that we sense your love for God and for us. We can disclose it. This service has enriched my life. Thank you. Our true richness is the love received from God. This is an invisible eternal fruit. Oh yes!

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    03/16/2012 08:04:35
  1. glowzone723 commented on I am Not Worthy of a Miracle! in Devotions:

    Yes , we are indeed worhty of our miracles by Our Father's mercy and grace.He loves us and He disciplines us when we go wrong but because He is as merciful as He can be He is working for something great for all of us.The best is yet to come and let us wait patiently for that.Let us continue to put our hope in God,He sees our heart's desires and let us be positive that everything is in His hands.

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    03/15/2012 19:21:05
  2. youngeone commented on Bridge Builders in Message Books:

    I sent a message a few days ago ,some one has added a blue line to what I said ? -----,Dear SHEILA I wish you every success in the future and will very happily support you in any way I can , you are in my thoughts and prayers .

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    03/15/2012 01:55:58
  3. Wolfgangphil commented on Change, Please! in Devotions:

    We know God wants that we change ourselves. Through the dialogue with Christ we find a way. So I need a positive attitude toward CHANGE. Yes, I can change myself. Yes, I can change something. Two years ago I read an interesting book by a researcher about creativity: The ABILITY TO CHANGE is of vital importance. A problem is an opportunity to develop skills. So don't see yourself as a victim of change. How do you see your SITUATION today with all the positive and negative meanings? What is the alternative? To be able to make a change, you need a glowing VISION which you can reach step by step with your potential. You learn when you do a TRIAL. The result brings you some feedback. Then repeat this process until to the success of the trial. Use all the forces. Your faith, your gut feeling, your imagination or your role models. You're like a student all your life in a TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY. So you stay flexible like a willow tree.

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    03/14/2012 07:19:43
  4. youngeone commented on Bridge Builders in Message Books:

    Things seem to be changing at a fast rate----Dear SHEILA please take my thanks and blessings to your parents , I have been greatly blessed , my life has been changed and I have grown in my faith walk as I have tuned into Hour Of Power each week . The contribution that this ministry has made to my life has been on going , effecting my family , encouraging me in giving of both finance and time assistlng in church activities , various charities and mentoring at the local school . Yes "I FOUND A NEED AND FILLED IT . I FOUND A HURT AND HEALED IT." Please thank your parents for their faithfullness for obeying the CALL John 3:16 to preach the GOSPEL to all the world .

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    03/13/2012 15:13:50
  5. youngeone commented on Bridge Builders in Message Books:

    Thank you Hour Of Power for this Encouraging ,Uplifting Hour .Thank you for all the years you have Faithfully Preached the Gospel to this tired old world , my prayers are with you in these uncertain days .

    Report Abuse

    03/13/2012 00:36:07
  1. glowzone723 commented on Walk into Your Miracle Today! in Devotions:

    Very true, Sheila.We all have our miracles but we have to let go of something so we can experience the miracles in our lives.God wants us to be more than whole after our miracles.Trials are part of our daily walk with Him.In our sufferings we are like Christ.This Lenten Season,Lets Eliminate Negative Thoughts,you and I shall overcome what our heart's desire.My prayers for you and the Crystal Cathedral Ministries.God is alive and He dwells in our hearts.He will never leave nor forsake us.Lets keep trusting and believing and soon His light will continue to shine on us.We all love you and your father but your Heavenly Father loves you more! To God be the Glory!

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    03/12/2020 18:05:38
  2. wong.graceyy commented on Walk into Your Miracle Today! in Devotions:

    Hi Dr. Sheila, I am Grace from Hong Kong. I really love your program. Your program change my life and my attitude towards all circumstances with the power of God. I trust in God and I trust his miracle will bless Crystal Cathedral Ministry. Please don't give up. We are ALL here for you. God loves you and so do I, Grace

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    03/12/2020 09:25:16
  3. Wolfgangphil commented on Help for the Helpless in Devotions:

    This is an inspiring impulse word. A ray of light on a free morning invites us to stand up. Especially the C.C. is a warm ray of light for us. Thanks for any ray of hope, which sending this church.

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    03/12/2020 07:57:50
  4. glowzone723 commented on Mercy Me in Message Books:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful message.I have learned to forgive eaisly even if it hurts for I am always reminded of Jesus who conitnously forgive me for my sins unconditionally.We should learn to share the blessings we have.We should not let hurts, pains and bitterness be deeply rooted in our hearts for if it does it will affect the whole body and this will deter us from having a great relationship with the Lord.If we want God to answer our prayers we must learn to do good things for Him and for others.Learn to forgive senty times seven.Let us keep pur eyes on the cross and if we do our life will never be the same ever again HALLELUJAH!

    Report Abuse

    03/11/2020 08:09:26
  5. karin j. berg commented on Help for the Helpless in Devotions:

    The miracles are all around big and very small just look up at night in the morning also for the first rays of light. Thank you jesus.

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    03/10/2020 21:49:09
  1. karin j. berg commented on Help for the Helpless in Devotions:

    The miracles are all around big and very small just look up at night in the morning also for the first rays of light. Thank you jesus.

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    03/10/2020 21:49:09
  2. Wolfgangphil commented on Help for the Helpless in Devotions:

    There is a big quality difference to my former life. Those who believe can say of himself: My life is rich. I am healthy, in a good process and motivated to get up. I can do good for others, recognize miracles and do not drown in the storm waves of life.

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    03/10/2020 07:36:13
  3. Wolfgangphil commented on Evidence of Success in Devotions:

    There are people who abuse the "faith" for their interests. But without awareness of their own sins they are just dishonestly Pharisees who deter others from the faith.

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    03/09/2020 06:08:01
  4. glowzone723 commented on Help for the Helpless in Devotions:

    Lord, let me have my miracles today and tomorrow.I have fully surrendered my life to you .Pick me up. Lord and renew my strenght for in you I am strong, rich and healthy!

    Report Abuse

    03/08/2020 09:25:58
  5. glowzone723 commented on The Ultimate “Sonrise” in Devotions:

    I always share Jesus to evryone I meet and at my workplace.Youre so right sometimes I get disaapointed when I invite them to church for a fellowship but I dont lose hope simply telling them that Jesus is alive and that God loves them I might have stirred their mind at least .Keep trying and soon it will bear fruit .I dont lose hope I shall continue to spread the message of hope and love. To God be the Glory !

    Report Abuse

    03/07/2020 18:30:34

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