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Crystal Cathedral

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  • LifeForce: Crystal Cathedral Connection
    Receive current insider updates about what's happening at your Crystal Cathedral!
  • A Positive Minute
    A fantastic way to start your day! Each morning you will be sent a positive message from Dr. Schuller that you can read and then share with others.
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  • This Sunday on the Hour of Power
    A great way to find out what's on the upcoming Hour of Power television program..
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  • This Sunday at the Crystal Cathedral
    Sunday at the Crystal Cathedral is for anyone planning on attending services or events at the Crystal Cathedral.
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  • Events & Offers
    Occassional information about events, clubs and offers from the Hour of Power. (No more than 2 emails per month)
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  • Glory Promotions
    Information and special offers for the Glory of Christmas and Glory of Easter.
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  • Crystal Cathedral Today
    A monthly publication that offers up-to-the-minute details about what's happening in and around the local church ministry, a monthly devotion, special columns by Dr. Robert H. Schuller and Dr. Robert A. Schuller, and more.
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  • Together We Can - Crystal Cathedral
    A weekly reminder for the local congregation and friends of the Crystal Cathedral to get the word about the upcoming Crystal Cathedral service out to their respective communities and be a "Together We Can!" Volunteer.

  • Positive Thoughts
    A weekly series that will take you through a pulpit message from Dr. Schuller, Monday through Friday.
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