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Crystal Cathedral

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Crystal Cathedral Middle School

Performing Arts:

Visual Arts:

Performing Arts

The performing arts program at The Crystal Cathedral Academy achieves aesthetic excellence yearly, offering the students an array of opportunities in top of the line venues on the Crystal Cathedral Campus and throughout the country.

Band is available to students who are interested in playing any wind or percussion type instrument. The band performs anywhere from four to five major concerts a year at the Crystal Cathedral campus. The class is designed to take intermediate players and prepare them for a more advanced study of their instrument. Students in this course are encouraged to take private lessons to further enhance their music skills on a very personal level, but are not required. Students provide their own instrument and supplementary materials.

Academy Chorus
The students in this class are selected by audition and range from 4th through 8th grade. The Academy Chorus meets three times a week during school hours, and performs regularly on the internationally televised “Hour of Power.” The chorus performs both sacred and secular music, and sings numerous genres of music including gospel, Broadway and classical. The City of Garden Grove has had the CCA Chorus appear at major city events. The CCA Chorus has also performed with the UCLA and Vancouver Symphony Orchestras, and in world-renowned venues like the Carnegie Hall. Class time consist of singing and learning how to read music. During this time the students prepare songs for monthly performances.

Dance at CCA is designed for the student who is seeking to explore the diverse world of dance as a form of artistic expression. This class provides a safe and supportive environment for the student to explore the basics of dance technique and terminology while engaging the body in physical activity. Through a diverse range of exercises and combinations, the students increase their flexibility and strength, develop rhythmic awareness, and creatively explore movement as a form of physical expression.

Drama Productions
The drama productions give students the opportunity for students to audition and perform in at least two productions a year. The course offers two dramatic works, and one musical that middle school students are eligible to take part in. Students learn different acting styles and techniques per production.

Percussion takes a look at basic percussion playing methods and drum rudiments, applying them into the context of a percussion ensemble and solo snare playing. The first half of the semester will focus on playing drum rudiments on the snare drum; with this there are weekly quizzes on the playing assignments, and on rhythm melodic notation. Towards the second part of the semester, the class is divided into different ensembles; there, we work on percussion ensemble pieces that are performed in the Christmas program in the Cathedral. Second semester, the class again prepares several percussion arrangements and perform them in two spring semester concerts.

This course is offered to students who desire to play a string instrument. In the class the students will learn to play a string instrument, have fun, make new friends, and perform in several concerts throughout the year. The benefits of taking strings include: building teamwork, and performing live chamber music. Advanced performers have the opportunity to perform in the Crystal Cathedral.

Visual Arts

Explores creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing, connections, relationships and applications.

Art Lab
Art lab is a beginning painting class that focuses on specific styles and genres throughout art history. For each style and genre studied students create a unique art composition. The course also teaches students to explore genre, style, concepts and aesthetic valuing. Students demonstrate an understanding of painting techniques, elements of art and principles of design.

Basic Art
Basic Art is an introduction to Chinese brush painting that focuses on traditional subject matter, and explores the philosophy/theory of painting. This class allows students to develop an appreciation for the culture and tradition behind this ancient art form. Students have the opportunity to explore the art and theory of Chinese brush painting while creating traditional and original works of art.