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Crystal Cathedral

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Crystal Cathedral High School

Performing Arts:

Visual Arts:

Performing Arts

The performing arts program at The Crystal Cathedral High School achieves aesthetic excellence yearly, offering the students an array of opportunities in top of the line venues on the Crystal Cathedral Campus and throughout the country.

The High School Band is a one year course open to all students that play an orchestral instrument and obtain a basic level performance. Students taking this course are highly encouraged to take the yearly fine arts course offered in history, theory, or world music along with this band course. This band course is designed to enhance the student’s performance ability on the specific level of each student, while helping them develop artistic perception, creative expression, and aesthetic values. Students in this course perform several times during each semester in concerts and school events. The literature performed is that of beginning to advance high school works, for both chamber and full band ensembles that ranges from the Renaissance to the 20th Century period. The overall goal of the course is also to introduce the students to the different career opportunities in music.

The High School Choir is a one-year course open to all students interested in participating in a mixed choir (soprano, alto, tenor, bass). This course is designed to increase vocal skill and performance levels of each student and to develop aesthetic and cultural values through c ritical listening. Students perform a wide variety of choral literature, including classical, jazz, musical theater, Sacred/Christian (contemporary), and multi-cultural music. Students perform medium and difficult high school literature for performances in concerts, choral festivals, school chapel, church services, and community-functions. Emphasis includes the portfolio preparation for advanced study and career development, and each student is required to purchase their uniform (dress or tuxedo).

This course is an introductory course to dance. The class covers beginning level dance terminology, and the execution of basic kinesthetic skills in jazz, ballet, hip-hop and modern dance. Students develop creative expression through choreography and modern dance techniques. The students in this course also study the historical and cultural movements that have contributed to dance. The discussion of career opportunities in dance are also included in the course curriculum. All students in this course are required to participate in quarterly performance presentations.

Crystal Cathedral High School

Drama Productions
Dram Production gives students the opportunity to audition and perform in two school productions, one dramatic work, and one musical. Students in these productions learn different acting techniques per production. High School students are also allowed to take part in an all student production entitled “Broadway our Way”. This is a student directed production entirely run and performed by our High School students.

Percussion takes a look at basic percussion playing methods and drum rudiments, applying them into the context of a percussion ensemble and solo snare playing. The first half of the semester focuses on playing drum rudiments on the snare drum. There are weekly quizzes on the playing assignments, and on rhythm and melodic notation. Towards the second part of the semester, the class is divided into different ensembles where they work on percussion ensemble pieces that are then performed in the Christmas program. Second semester, the class again prepares several percussion arrangements and perform them in two spring semester concerts.

This course is offered to students who desire to play a string instrument. In the class the students learn to play a string instrument, have fun, make new friend, and perform in several concerts throughout the year. The benefits of taking strings include: being a part of an ensemble building teamwork, and performing live chamber music for your friends and family. Advance performers will have the opportunity to perform in the Crystal Cathedral.

Visual Fine Arts

The visual arts elective courses explore creative expression, historical and cultural context, aesthetic valuing, connections, relationships and applications as they relate to visual arts in painting and drawing.

Ceramics and Sculptures
This course is a technical and aesthetic exploration of 3-dimensional design through the mediums of clay, metal, plaster and paper. The course includes 2-dimensional basic drawing and layout skills. The students participate in a wide range of drawing and painting mediums designed to build artistic and creative confidences. The projects created in this class serve as fine art pieces or functional items.

Drawing and Painting
This course is an aesthetic exploration of two-dimensional art. Students learn basic drawing skills such as line, shading, color, and perspective and apply these skills to each assignment. This course includes art history lessons for the novice that, also, are applied to specific projects. The students participate in a wide range of drawing and painting mediums designed to build artistic expression.

Costume Design
This course allows students to work with the costume designer for the school productions. They will help design and build the costumes for the productions, as well as help to maintain the costumes during the duration of the show.

Set Design
Set design allows students to work with the Set Designer for the different school productions, to help students expand on their previous knowledge of art and drama. The students create and design a set from start to finish. They also study the scripts and begin construction of their design.