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Crystal Cathedral

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Ms. S. Teske

March 14, 2021

Drama Notes for the week of March 19 -23rd 2012

March 19, 2021

2nd grade- Hand out reader’s theater pkt. #3
Begin reading in class.

4th- Discuss scenework and the building blocks of a story.
4th- Break into groups. Assign original scenes in groups. Begin the writing process in class. 2.1

k- Introduce stage directions. Have students demonstrate the areas of the stage. 3.1

Act Fund:
Final Rehearsal of Godot Scenes. Begin Grading.
Act Fund: Finish grading scenes from Godot.
Act Fund:Review Massage techniques groups of 2 for relaxation and body control.3.1
Act Fund:Review- Relaxtion – concentratinf on facial muscles and neck and shoulders.
Act Fund: Group activity: pass the popcorn.