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Mr. Smith

High School English

May 04, 2020

Home on the Range

Weeks Thirty-Five & Thirty-Six
21 May-1 June 2012

Quote of the Year
"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt." Henry J. Kaiser

Scripture of the Week:
"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

It's been a busy, crazy couple of weeks, and I haven't had the time to really put my head around a devotional thought. It seemed a good idea, then, to share with you a devotion that I came across in my devotional reading that meant something to me. It's from the publication, Portals of Prayer, and appeared on Sunday, May 13, 2012. (I forgot to get the author's name...)

The lyrics to "Home on the Range" yearn for a simpler, easier life. I wonder whether King David ever felt this way about his first job as a shepherd. It was heard and even dangerous; he had to fight off bears and lions. But after forty years of leading Israel, the bears and lions may have started looking good to him! Wouldn't a shepherd's life have been easier?

But then, a shepherd was exactly what David still was. God had given him a job of caring for God's people. And that is often a stinky, thankless job.

...We remember and give thanks to those who cared for us as children. And we pray to God to give us, too, His strength and help, whether we are looking after children or other family members, teaching students, supervising employees, or caring for fellow church members. These roles are difficult and often thankless. And yet no matter how difficult the job has given us to do, we can have the same confidence that David did -- that God is watching over us and caring for us, the caregivers. He has not forgotten us. He Himself is our Good Shepherd, who has laid down His own life for us, His sheep. And not that Jesus lives and reigns for all eternity, He will continue to watch over us and keep us, even in our difficult times.

Let's learn!

Together, with you, in His service,

PS: For your convenience, downloadable PDF forms of syllabi, calendars, and major assignments for for each class are posted below.

Eighth Grade Language Arts

Monday (5/21): Various Poets (L: 862-873)
Tuesday (5/22): Various Poets (L: 874-879)
Wednesday (5/23): Benet (L: 892-896)
Thursday (5/24): Lazarus & Bruchac (L: 366-367)
Friday (5/25): Graduate Speeches

Monday (5/28): Memorial Day
Tuesday (5/29): Graduate Speeches
Wednesday (5/30): Graduate Speeches
Thursday (5/31): Graduate Speeches
Friday (6/1): Graduate Speeches

Literary Genre (English I)

Monday (5/21): Lord of the Flies Debate!
Tuesday (5/22): Honors Project
Wednesday (5/23): Animal Farm
Thursday (5/24): Animal Farm
Friday (5/25): Animal Farm

Monday (5/28): Memorial Day
Tuesday (5/29): Animal Farm
Wednesday (5/30): Final Examination Preparation
Thursday (5/31): Final Examination
Friday (6/1): Final Examination

American Literature (English II)

Monday (5/21): A Separate Peace, Chapters 1 & 2
Tuesday (5/22): A Separate Peace, Chapters 3 & 4
Wednesday (5/23): Composition
Thursday (5/24): A Separate Peace, Chapters 5 & 6
Friday (5/25): A Separate Peace, Chapters 7 & 8

Monday (5/28): Memorial Day
Tuesday (5/29): A Separate Peace, Chapters 9 & 10
Wednesday (5/30): A Separate Peace, Chapters 11-13
Thursday (5/31): Final Examinations
Friday (6/1): Final Examinations

British Literature (English III)

Monday (5/21) Introduction to Dystopian Literature
Tuesday (5/22):1984
Wednesday (5/23): 1984
Thursday (5/24): 1984
Friday (5/25): 1984

Monday (5/28): 1984
Tuesday (5/29): 1984
Wednesday (5/30): 1984
Thursday (5/31): Final Examinations
Friday (6/1): Final Examinations

World Literature (English IV)

Monday (5/21): Writing As An Act of Hope (112-117) & A Very Old Man...Wings (L: 444-453); Quizzes
Tuesday (5/22): House Taken Over (164-169) & The Street of the Canon (L: 584-589):Quizzes
Wednesday (5/23):The Glass of Milk (L: 611-616); Quiz
Thursday (5/24): Senior Monologues
Friday (5/25): Senior Monologues

Monday (5/28): Memorial Day
Tuesday (5/29): Senior Monologues
Wednesday (5/30): Senior Monologues
Thursday (5/31): Final Examinations
Friday (6/1): Final Examinations

Advanced Placement English

Monday (5/21): In Time
Tuesday (5/22): In Time
Wednesday (5/23): In Time
Thursday (5/24): In Time
Friday (5/25): In Time

Monday (5/28): Memorial Day
Tuesday (5/29):In Time
Wednesday (5/30): In Time
Thursday (5/31): Final Examinations
Friday (6/1): Final Examinations

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  • World Literature Precis Research Paper
  • American Literature
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  • Adaptation Research Paper
  • AP English
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  • Calendar (Semester 2)
  • Poetics Internet Assignment
  • British Literature
  • Course Info
  • Calendar (Semester 1)
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