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Mrs. Schenk


November 17, 2020

Week of November 26, 2020

I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving break.

6th Grade Science
We are in chapter 6 Earthquakes. The volcano report will be assigned the week we return from Thanksgiving break and due Thursday December 13. It is a one page report about how volcanoes affect people.
Due Dates:
Monday 11/ 26 – Earthquakes and Seismic Waves worksheet
Wednesday – 11/28 – Quiz, chapter 6 sections 1 and 2; Finding the Epicenter lab report
Thursday 11/29 – Monitoring Earthquakes worksheet
Friday 11/30 – Earthquake Safety worksheet
Tuesday 12/4 – Chapter 6 Test

7th Grade Science
We are beginning chapter 5, Fighting Disease. Be sure to be working on your Stop the Invasion disease project due Tuesday December 11. We will need apples for a lab on Friday. The first 3 people to bring in 5 apples will receive a “Beaker” as a thank you
Due Dates:
Wednesday 11/28 – Infectious Disease worksheet
Friday 11/30 – The Body’s Defenses worksheet
Monday 12/3 – The Skin as a Barrier lab report

8th Grade Science
We are continuing in chapter 5 Atoms and Bonding. The element posters are due on Tuesday November 27th. There will be a work period in class on Monday.
Due Dates:
Monday 11/26 – Ionic Bonds worksheet
Tuesday 11/27 – Element Poster
Thursday 11/28 – Shedding Light on Ions lab report
Friday 11/30 – Quiz chapter 5 sections 1 and 2
Monday 12/3 – Covalent Bonds worksheet

Physical Education Grades K – 5
Bones of the Week – metacarpals – hand bones
Congratulations to Mrs. Vandercook’s Class. They won the BIG DAY Class Collection Contest!