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Miss C. Schenk

4th Grade

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May 31, 2020

Friday, June 1st

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to our awards day. Your children did an excellent job this year, and it was nice to able to recognize some of their achievements.

Donít forget to sign up for summer school. Iím planning to be there and would love to see my students there.

At the beginning of the year, some of you signed out a second copy of the history, math, and/or science book. Please send those in by Tuesday. I will be checking them against the papers you signed them out with. Missing books will be charged to your account. Please also send in any other textbooks you have at home.

Next week is the last week! I canít believe it! We will be having field day on Tuesday. Feel free to send along sunscreen, water bottles, sunglasses, and hats. We will have our class party on Wednesday afternoon. There is a sign-up sheet outside the classroom.

The Bible test on Psalms and Proverbs had really mixed results. We had 100% scores and scores below 50%. If it was earlier in the year, we would go over the material and re-test. However, there isnít enough time left to do that. I checked, and the scores did not bring anyoneís grade down except two who has been right on the border. I talked to both of them about extra credit. So the scores stand, but they really did not change the overall grade. We have one more Bible test on Monday. Iím making it as simple as I can because we have breezed through Isaiah only getting to skim the surface.

Your child received their California notebook and the grade for it yesterday. Make sure you see that. They looked great! Thanks for all your hard work.

If you have any Box Tops, send those in next week.

Remember that next Thursday, our last day, has a noon dismissal.

This will be my last letter of the year. Thank you for helping your child succeed on their educational journey. It has been a pleasure to partner with you in helping your child grow academically this year. Donít forget to keep their minds active over the summer by reading, practicing math, etc. Have a great summer! See you next year. (We will miss those of you who are leaving us this year. I hope your new schools are wonderful.)

Let me leave you with my favorite Bible verse.
Ephesians 2:10
ďFor we are Godís workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.Ē

I believe that we are all created with unique talents and abilities. I hope and pray that each student finds those things and uses them for Godís glory.

God bless,

Miss Schenk

May 25, 2020

May 25, 2020

Dear Parents,

Weíve made it to the last two weeks of school! Iím sure you havenít forgotten that Monday there is no school in honor of Memorial Day.

Great job cast of Adventures of a Comic Book Artist! You all did an amazing job!

Weíll be back on Tuesday with a math test. This will be the last math test with new concepts. The last few tests havenít been great in terms of overall scores. I might give a review test with concepts from this quarter hoping that will be able to raise some grades. That would probably be late next week, Thursday or Friday.

Next week is our last week of spelling. The test on list 31 will be Friday due to the Monday holiday.

Next Friday is also our last language test. The test will have a subject-verb agreement section. Students will need to choose the correct verb for a sentence. For example, ďHe (do, does) like chocolate.Ē (Does) Then there will be a section on using words like lie, sit, set, among, except, etc. The next section will ask students to search for errors in the sentences with things likes can/may, your/youíre, there/their/theyíre, and its/itís. The last section is using words correctly in your own sentence.

Remember that Wednesday, May 30th, is the day that all students with summer birthdays are allowed to wear free dress.

If your child still has any school library books, please make sure they are turned in by next Friday, June 1st. We do charge for lost books.

Next Friday is classroom awards day. We will start in the gym for some worship followed by coming to the classroom for individual awards. I hope you will all join us.

Our last Bible test will be June 4th. It will cover the short unit we are going to do on Isaiah. Look for the study guide in todayís Friday folder.

Donít forget that all extra credit is due on Tuesday.

God bless,

Miss Schenk

May 18, 2020

Friday, May 18th

Dear Parents,

Thank you for getting your child to school on time this week for SATís. They went very smoothly. We had an electricity demonstration today from employees of Southern California Edison. Ask your child about nail magnets and Jacobís ladder.

Hopefully by now you have received your progress reports. Please let me know if you did not receive it. I emailed this week about extra credit opportunities. They are also on my blog page. Remember they are due by Tuesday, May 29th.

Next week we have a spelling test on list 30. It will be on Thursday as usual.

We have two language quizzes next week. The one on Tuesday will cover picking the correct form of sit/set and lie/lay. Wednesdayís quiz will focus on the commonly misused words on page 244.

Remember that the whole California notebook is due next Friday, May 25th. They have been looking great so far.

We have been studying chapter 10 in history. The chapter review is due on Thursday, May 24th. The test will be Friday, May 25th. It will cover the concepts of Japanese internment, Angel Island, protests at Berkeley, the United Farm workers, Edward L. Doheny, Cesar Chavez, Pearl Harbor, Cecil B. DeMille, and Golden Gate. There is also a page on our thinking skill of stereotypes. The two short answers questions are: 1) In the early 1900ís, how did immigrants help one another when new arrivals came to California? Give examples. and 2) How did the lives of women in California change as a result of World War II? We will be briefly highlighting chapters 11 and 12 with the time we have left, but we will not be taking tests on either one of those. The chapter 10 test will be the last history test.

Classroom awards are on Friday, June 1st. We will briefly meet in the gym for worship with the whole elementary school before coming back to our classroom. Students will be receiving pins and certificates for their accomplishments this year. Please make time to attend. Normally we get to our classroom around 9:10 and finish by 10:00 am. If you have specific time restrictions due to work or having another child, please let me know as soon as possible. I will do my best to accommodate you.

Our next Bible test will on Friday, May 25th. It will be on our Psalms and Proverbs unit. It will cover six poetic devices (simile, metaphor, personification, parallelism, repetition, acrostic), six types of psalms (history, trust, cursing, praise, confession, messianic). Students will be using their Bibles to look up key verses in Psalms. Then they will need to match them to either the poetic device that is used or the type of psalm. They also should know three situations David was in that he wrote a psalm about, two ways we read Psalms differently than any other Bible book, how Proverbs is more than just a book of wise sayings, three contrasts in Proverbs, and a key verse for Proverbs. After this we will have one more Bible test on our Isaiah unit on Monday, June 4th.

God bless,
Miss Schenk

May 15, 2020

4th Quarter Extra Credit

All extra credit is due by Tuesday, May 29th

Memorize a Psalm that is at least 5 verses. You will say it orally to me.

Create your own Mad Libs story. It must be at least one page long and contain at least 17 blanks to fill in. You must also include a list of each part of speech with its definition.

Complete 5 supplemental lessons from the list: 104, 106, 109, 112, 113, 115, 118

Write a two page book review of Island of the Blue Dolphins. Include a summary, your favorite part, and what you learned.
Write a one page book recommendation for a book that you have read and enjoyed. Include the name of the author, the title, a short summary of the book (without giving away the whole story), and why you think others would enjoy it.

Write a story using all of the words in a list. You may use lists 27-32.

Write another how to essay, persuasive essay, or editorial. This will replace your lowest score out of those three.

Complete EITHER the unit review project on p. 303 OR the unit review project on p. 375. Bring it in to class to share.

Complete either of the activities on E 25. It is a supplemental chapter after our material. There are two experiments to choose from. You do not need to turn in anything except a written report.

May 11, 2020

Friday, May 11th

Dear Parents,

Thank you all for coming to Open House. It was a great night. The missions looked wonderful! Each and every mission had something very special about it. You did an amazing job! Thank you also for all the teacher appreciation gifts. They were very thoughtful and perfect for me.

Remember that next week is SAT testing. It is very important for the students to go to bed on time (or early) next week and to eat a good breakfast every morning before school. We will be doing testing in the mornings and light work in the afternoons. I will make sure there is very little homework except the pages due for the California notebook. Please be punctual next week. We will need to start testing right away each morning. Please avoid missing school unless it is for illness.

Next Friday is our electricity demonstration from Southern California Edison. We will get to see practical applications of the things we just studied about.

Science tests are in this weekís Friday folders along with the spelling test, language test, language quiz, Island of the Blue Dolphins test, math test, mission model grades, and other assorted papers.

School Family next week will be focused on the class mission projects. There will be a slide show of what each elementary class has done this year. We are doing a food drive. Please bring a canned food item to school on Friday.

Progress reports were mailed this week. Remember they are for grades of a C or lower in a subject. I know that the grades are printed in the column for 2nd quarter, but they are the correct grades. There was one other error. I made a mistake entering the scores for one section of the California notebook. That led to a few history grades being lower than they should have been. I showed the students the correct grades today. If you are unsure, please email me. The progress reports were printed early in the week before the Island of the Blue Dolphin test, the mission model, the spelling test, or the science test. If you want to know the updated grade with those additions, feel free to email me. Any missing work in the subjects that received progress reports were highlighted in yellow. Those can be made up for half credit.

Upcoming Dates:

Monday, May 28th- No School
Wednesday, May 30th- Free Dress for all summer birthdays
Friday, June 1st- Classroom Awards
Thursday, June 7th-Last day of school-noon dismissal

God bless,
Miss Schenk

May 03, 2020

May 5, 2020

Dear Parents,

This week was a busy week. Thank you for coming last night to the 4th grade musical. They have been working really hard on that. Didnít they do a great job?

Your Scholastic book orders are due Monday, May 7th. You got it two (I think) weeks ago. Remember to pay with a check made out to Scholastic.

Progress reports will be mailed at the end of next week. Remember, they are only sent for subjects in which a student has a C or below. I have been emailing about excessive missing work so hopefully that has already been taken fixed. If you have any questions, please email me.

Donít forget that Open House is on Thursday. Itís from 6:00-8:00. Come check out many projects your children have been working on all year. Youíll also get to see everyoneís mission model. Remember that your mission models are due this coming Wednesday May 9th. I am usually up in the classroom by 7:30 am. Students who are accompanied by a parent can drop off their missions anytime between 7:30 and when school starts. Missions will be judged on Wednesday or Thursday. Awards will not be revealed until Open House night. Missions can be taken home Thursday night between 7:45-8:00 or must be taken home on Friday.

Next Wednesday is our test on Island of the Blue Dolphins. The test will contain a matching section on the following characters: Ramo, Ulape, Karana, Tutok, Chief Chowig, Captain Orlov, Rontu, and Rontu-Aru. It will also cover things such as what conflict Karanaís people had with the Aleuts, what was different when the Aleuts left, how Karana got left behind, what Karana did alone on the island, Karanaís interactions with Tutok, and the animals Karana encountered on the island.

Wednesday is also the day of our next language quiz. It will cover correctly matching a subject to a verb. For example, would it be ďladies smileĒ or ďladies smilesĒ? (Ladies smile)

Next week we are back to regular spelling. The test on list 29 will be on Thursday as usual.

Also on Thursday will be our last main science test. This chapter on electricity and magnetism is the last one in our curriculum. We will do a few more science related things this year, but there will be no more unit tests. We will spend some of our usual science time on history since we have more material to cover in that subject. The reason this test is so close to the last science test is because I wanted students to take it before the SAT testing so they didnít forget during that week when we donít have much regular work. The chapter review is due on Wednesday. The test will cover the following vocabulary: charge, static electricity, electric field, electric current, circuit, electric cell, conductor, insulator, resistor, series circuit, parallel circuit, magnet, magnetic poles, magnetic field, and electromagnet. It will also contain topics like how to tell if an overall charge is positive, negative or neutral; what kinds of charges or poles attract or repel; what copper wire would do in a circuit; where a magnetís pull is the strongest; how to control an electromagnet; how to identify if a circuit is parallel or series; what two magnets make a compass work; and how are electricity and magnetism alike.

SAT testing week is May 14th-18th. Usually we finish all of the tests by Thursday. We will probably have about 3 subtests each day. There will not be regular work that week. In between tests will be do some fun activities and some other learning things, but we wonít have homework. Please make sure your child gets to bed early that week and eats a good breakfast. Please donít be tardy that week or miss a day unless it is due to illness.

The school wide summer birthday free dress day is Wednesday, May 30th. Anyone whose birthday falls from when school ends to when it starts again is invited to wear free dress on that day.

If you have box tops please send them in. We are collecting them through the end of the year.

God bless,

Miss Schenk