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Miss C. Schenk

4th Grade

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April 27, 2020

Friday, April 27th

Dear Parents,

Thank you for sending in food for international day. It was a fun treat. The students looked great in their outfits. Thank you also for staying on top of projects like the gospel report and California notebook.

Remember that your mission model is due Wednesday, May 9th. Iím looking forward to seeing them!

Next week there is NO SPELLING TEST. We will have a busy week getting ready for the 4th grade musical so I wanted to take away something that is time consuming. You can start studying for the spelling test on list 29 on Thursday, May 10th. I am trying to keep homework light next week because of the musical. We have a few tests, but the studying should be light, especially for language.

We had another tough math test earlier this week. We spent a lot of time using manipulatives to review. For the next few weeks, math might not be a lesson a day as usual. See the assignment book for daily work. I didnít put any math tests on the May calendar because Iím not sure where they will fall. Iíll update you in the Friday letters.

We have a history test on Tuesday. Remember that the chapter review is due on Monday. The test will cover things like: where did orange growing begin in California, the main purpose of Shasta Dam, the name of a Mexican American neighborhood, and why people discriminated against Mexican immigrants and Okies. Be prepared to match the following people to their descriptions: Luther Burbank, George Chaffey, John Muir, John Steinbeck, and William Mulholland. There is a section on the thinking skill of using a dictionary. Make sure you can determine which set of words an entry would fall between. The two short answer questions are: 1) How did the need for water bring about important changes in California? 2) Describe the lives of migrant workers who came to California in the early 1900s. Tell where they came from, how they lived, and what difficulties they found.

Our next Bible test, on our Solomon unit, is Thursday. This Bible test will be much easier than many we have taken. There are not as many crazy names to remember and most of it is true/false. You should have a study guide in your Friday folder.

Friday, May 4th is the next language test. Students need to know the following: how to tell apart an adverb and a preposition, how to find a prepositional phrase, how to find a conjunction, how to use an interjection, how to use dictionary guide words to find out where an entry would fit, capitalization and punctuation, and how to diagram sentences including the subject, verb, adjective, and adverb.

Donít forget the 4th grade musical is next week. The kids have been working really hard on it! It is Thursday, May 3rd at 7 p.m. I hope to see you all there. The students are also performing it for the rest of the elementary school on Friday, May 4th at 12:30.

Upcoming Dates:
Friday, May 4th- CA Notebook pages 27-37 due
Wednesday, May 9th-Island of the Blue Dolphins Test and language quiz; Mission Models due
Thursday, May 10th Ė Open House; Science Test C2; Spelling Test List 29
Friday, May 11th- Progress reports mailed and CA notebook pages 39-45 due
Monday, May 14th-Thursday, May 17th: SAT testing
Friday, May 18th- Electricity Demonstration by Southern California Edison employees; Missions School Family

God bless,
Miss Schenk

April 19, 2020

Friday, April 20th

Dear Parents,

This week the students earned enough class points for a free dress day and a game period. We will be doing both on Tuesday. Remember that regular free dress rules apply. For the game period, students may bring video games as long as all games are rated E, sorry no E10 or higher. No laptops, kindles, iPods, Ipads, etc. Students may also bring board games or stuffed animals.

Remember that your gospel reports are due next Friday, April 27th. If your child has questions, please ask me as soon as possible.

This coming Wednesday, April 25th, is International Day. Students are encouraged to wear clothing that reflects their nationality. If you would like to bring food, please let me know by Tuesday what you will be bringing so I can make sure to have enough refrigerator space and the right serving utensils. We will visit the booths in the gym that morning right before lunch. At one oíclock we will have an assembly in the gym. Feel free to join us to see each class perform a cultural song and see the ribbon dancers, many of whom are in our class.

Next Thursday our spelling test will be on list 28. We are skipping list 27 which is a review list.

On Monday we will have a language quiz on conjunctions and interjections. Make sure your child is able to circle the conjunctions in a sentence and punctuate a sentence with either a comma or an exclamation point depending on the type of interjection.

This week we started on new math lessons. The next test is on Tuesday. It will cover lessons 101-105.

Your child should be finishing their science chapter review this weekend. Our science C1 test is on Wednesday. It will cover the following vocabulary words: solution, liquid, buoyancy, matter, volume, solubility, mass, gas, density, solid, and dissolves. Students should also know examples of a solid, liquid, and gas as well as how to compare the three states. Students also need to be able to compare a cup of popped popcorn and a cup of rice using the terms volume and mass. Students should also know which tools would be necessary to measure the density of a statue.

Pages 19-25 of the California notebook are due next Friday, April 27th.

Upcoming Dates:
Tuesday, May 1st: History Test Chapter 9
Wednesday, May 2nd: Dress Rehearsal for 4th grade musical 12:30-3:10
Thursday, May 3rd: 4th Grade Musical-7 pm Freed Theater; Math Test 106-110
Friday, May 4th: 4th Grade Musical 12:30 for elementary school students;
Language Test 10
Wednesday, May 9th: Mission model due
Thursday, May 10th: Open House
Week of May 14th: SAT testing

God bless,
Miss Schenk

April 04, 2020

Thursday, April 5th

Dear parents,

Happy Easter weekend! I hope this weekend you will be able to celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior with your family and friends. This week the class heard the Easter story through a tool called the resurrection eggs. Ask you child what they remember about that.

This week we took several tests. Look for them in your childís folder. Wednesday was the math retest. I compared your childís score on this test to the last test. Whichever score was higher is their final grade. I wrote on each paper the old and new score and whether this retest was higher or lower than the old test.

You should have received your report cards. I have heard from several of you that you did. If you have questions or did not receive it, please email me and let me know.

We have now started our California notebooks. Your childís first set of pages was due today. They are looking great so far. Remember to work on it over Easter break so you can stay ahead of the upcoming due dates. I know itís a big project, but I am giving your child 85% of the materials they need in class and giving at least one period in class to work on it. My goal is that it would take no more than an hour a week at home if that. Last week my letter said it would include a rubric for grading this project. I apologize that I didnít get that attached. The rubric is in todayís folder.

Also remember that your mission model projects will be due soon. They are due the day before Open House. Thursday, May 10th is Open House so your projects are due on Wednesday, May 9th. If you lost the directions for the project, please let me know. Remember that you can use kits to build your model or do it as creatively as you want. Make sure it follows the size limitations and is an accurate representation of your mission.

Have a great Easter break! Iíll see you back at school on Monday, April 16th.

Originally SATs had been scheduled for the week after Easter. They are now the week of May 14th-18th.

Here are some future dates to keep in mind.
Wednesday, April 25th- International Day
Friday, April 27th- Gospel reports due
Thursday, May 3rd- 4th grade musical
Wednesday, May 9th- Mission models due
Thursday, May 10th- Open House

God bless,
Miss Schenk