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Miss C. Schenk

4th Grade

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March 29, 2020

Friday, March 30th

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for attending School Family today. Didnít the class do an amazing job? I am so proud of them! It was tough practicing with so many people, including me, being out sick over the last week and a half.

Today students were given a California notebook and paper explaining the details. This is a BIG project. It will be 20% of the history grade for the 4th quarter. There is a paper to sign and return by next Wednesday. Please take a close look at that.

We started reading Island of the Blue Dolphins this week. Ask your child about it. For each chapter, students will complete a job. There are six jobs that rotate so that each person in a group of six is doing a different assignment for each chapter. Your child received a paper showing the rotation. If you donít get it or need another one, please email me and I can attach it for you. Most of the reading will for this book will be individual. Therefore, students are aware that there is a good possibility of having a daily pop quiz. I encouraged students to read the chapter the day it's assigned and also review it the next morning so they will be prepared for a quiz.

Next week is a four day week. Remember that we do not have school on Friday, April 6th. We have the next week off for Easter break. We will be having a small party on Thursday. If you want to bring something, there is a sign-up sheet outside my door.

We will be reading through the events of Passion Week for our class devotional time next week. I encourage you to read it as a family as well.

On Tuesday, students will be taking a language test on adverbs. It will include picking the correct word (either an adjective or adverb) to complete a sentence, finding verbs and adverbs in a sentence, changing adjectives to adverbs, distinguishing between an adverb and an adjective, capitalization, punctuation, the use of pronouns, and diagramming. Students must be able to diagram simple sentences with adverbs that describe verbs.

Next weekís spelling test on list 25 will be on Thursday as usual. I will do my best to grade it and return it that same day.

Today students should have turned in the rough draft of the persuasive essay. I will be returning those on Monday. The final draft is due on Thursday. If you child did not turn in the rough draft today, please make sure it is completed over the weekend.

This week we took a math test with overall disappointing scores. I think the problem is that I was absent for two of the five math lessons. We are not going to do any more regular math lessons before Easter vacation. We will work on some supplemental lessons and review concepts that are still tough. We will retake a test similar to this weekís test on Wednesday, April 4th. I sent home the test from this week, but itís not a final grade yet. If you child does better on the retake test on Wednesday, I will use that grade instead and throw out the lower test score.

We have almost finished with history chapter 8. There isnít enough time to prepare for a regular test before Easter vacation. I donít want students to forget it over the vacation. Therefore, the class and I have decided to have an open book, open note test on Wednesday, April 4th. Students will be able to use any notes, section reviews, etc. on the test. There will not be enough time for them to look up every answer, so being familiar with the material is still necessary. Students do not need to complete the chapter review.

God bless,

Miss Schenk

March 27, 2020

Friday March 23rd

Dear Parents,

This week was the last week of the quarter. You will be receiving report cards soon. They should be mailed no later than next Friday. Something happened with the progress reports last time. Some were delayed and some didnít seem to arrive. Please make sure to let me know if you donít receive them by the first week of April.

This week we finished a science and a history chapter. Tests will be in your Friday folder.

Donít forget that our School Family is next Friday, March 30th. Weíve been practicing our skits and song. I hope you can come! Please bring students to school by 8:00 that morning. I will pick them up from the playground and walk them over to the Freed Theater. If you come after 8:00, please walk your child to the theater.

The Arvella Scholarship awards are this Saturday night at 7 pm. You are invited to come see our talented students perform and receive their awards.

Monday we will have a math pretest. The next math test is Tuesday, March 27th. We will also have a Bible test on Tuesday. You should have received a study guide in last weekís Friday folder.

The spelling list for next week is list 24. The test is on Thursday as usual.

We are going to start our last novel Island of the Blue Dolphins. This week we read an overview of the book and learned about the author. For this novel, the class will be divided into three discussion groups of six people each. For every chapter, each student in the group will complete a different type of assignment. For example, one person will do a summary, one will draw a picture, and one will do vocabulary. The assignments will be rotating according to a schedule I will give the students. Please help them complete the correct assignment for each chapter.

On April 3 we will have our next language test on adverbs.

We have good Friday, April 6th, off and then have spring break the week after Easter. Itís coming soon!

God bless,

Miss Schenk

March 15, 2021

Thursday, March 15

Dear Parents,

Remember that tomorrow is a non-student day. I hope your child enjoys the three day weekend. Thanks for turning in your extra credit today. Remember that all missing work is due on Monday. Next week is last week of the third quarter. After that the grades will start over.

The Penny Battle is going on right now. It ends next Friday. Itís a whole school competition to see which grade will get the most points. Remember that pennies and checks are positive points. Put those things in our bucket. Paper money and silver coins are negative points. Put those in other buckets.

Next week we have a history test on chapter 7 on Tuesday. Things to study include: the 3 routes to California during the Gold Rush, the largest California boom town, who used hydraulic mining, Biddy Mason, who most rancheros lost their land to, William Gwin, Levi Strauss, Helen Hunt Jackson, James Marshall, Henry Clay, how to read a line graph and a circle graph, how to make a conclusion, what an ocean voyage to California was like, the reason for conflicts between American settlers and the Modoc and between the American settlers and the Californios.

We have the science B3 test on Wednesday. Know the definitions of strip cropping, terracing, humus, fertile, soil conversation, and contour plowing. Know what soil is made of (weathered rock and humus), the three layers of soil, why we need soil, which kinds of soil absorb or repel water, the best soil to use for growing plants, ways to prevent erosion, and how plants change the soil. The last few questions are about an experiment. Remember that a variable is something you change in the experiment. All the elements must be the same except for one that is different. For example, if I want to see if plants grow better in the light or the dark, everything must be the same except the amount of light. I need to use the same soil, the same type of plant, the same amount of water, the same amount of time, the same temperature, etc. Those are my controlled elements. The variable is the one that is changed-in this case the amount of light.

Our next spelling list is 23. We will take the test next Thursday.

The next language quiz will be on Monday. It will be nine sentences in which students will need to find the adverb. We will also take a language quiz on Friday. On that quiz students will need to choose the correct adjective or adverb to fill in the blank. For example, ďOur class did (good, well) in Field Day.Ē It should be well.

Donít forget our School Family on joyfulness is on Friday, March 30th. Weíve already started writing our skits. I hope to see you there!

God bless,
Miss Schenk

March 09, 2021

Friday, March 9th

Dear Parents,

Last week was so much fun! Sacramento was incredible! We got to do many fun things and learn a lot about our state and its history. It was also fun hearing about what students did at home those two days. Look for the pictures outside our classroom. Thank you to all the moms, and an aunt, who came with us! The trip was very smooth thanks to you.

The email system at the school was down this past week. I no longer have access to any old emails. This week I emailed most of you with a new email address ccagrade4@gmail.com . That worked great this week while the other one was down. We now have a new email system here and my old email cschenk@crystalcathedral.org is working once again. Please use that again as my primary email. I will continue to check the Gmail one for the next few days as we transition back. Thanks for being flexible.

This week was a fast week because of the non-student day on Tuesday. In language, we had two quizzes and a test. The quizzes (and possibly the test) will be in your Friday folders. We just finished adjectives. Our next part of speech will be adverbs.

Our School Family, on joyfulness, is on Friday, March 30th. Mark it on your calendar. I hope to see you all there.

On Wednesday your child received the corrected rough draft of their how-to essay. I apologize for the delay with grading them. The final draft is due on Wednesday, March 14th.

Next weekís spelling test on list 22 will be on Thursday.

Remember that next Friday, March 16th, is a non-student day. The day before that, March 15th, is the due date for the extra credit. I gave your child the paper on Monday this week. It is also on my blog. I will not accept extra credit after that day unless you are sick on Thursday. Please get it done on time. All missing work is due Monday, March 19th.

Our next math test, covering lessons 91-95, is on Thursday, March 15th.

This week I explained to the students how to do their Bible book report. Please review the packet they are bringing home. The project is due on Friday, April 27th. Donít delay!

God bless,
Miss Schenk

March 05, 2021

Extra Credit Opportunities 3rd Quarter

**These extra credit opportunities are due Thursday, March 15th. I will not accept them after that day.**

Students may choose one of the following assignments:
1. Draw a timeline of King Saulís life. It must include at least 8 events and must be in chronological order. Each event must be described with at least two sentences giving specific details.

2. Write a short play of one of the events in the life of either King Saul or King David. It must be 2 full sides of a paper and have specific details.

3. Make a short comic book about the life of either King Saul or King David. The comic book must include details and use dialogue.

Write a 1 page report on one of the following topics:
-the capitol building in Sacramento
-Sutterís Fort
-the Railroad Museum
-how Sacramento was raised 10 feet due to flooding

Choose ten sentences from a chapter book and diagram the subject, verb, and adjectives. You must have 80% accuracy to get full credit.

Complete supplemental lessons 69, 70, 77, 85, and 86. You must complete all five with 80% accuracy to get full credit.

1. Write a book recommendation for a chapter book that you enjoy. Include things like the authorís name, the category of book, a summary of the book, and your favorite part. It must be at least one full page.
2. Suggest a book to read as a class. Write a one page paper telling me why it is a good book for fourth grade and what we would learn from it.

1. Complete one of the two projects on B57. You need to write a report summarizing your steps as well as answering the questions it asks. You do not need to bring the experiment in.

2. Complete one of the two projects on B85. You need to write a report summarizing your steps as well as answering the questions it asks. You do not need to bring the actual experiment in.

1. Write a story using all of the spelling and vocabulary words in any list from 17-21.

2. Write a sentence for each spelling and vocabulary word in any list from 17-21.

Write another factual report or compare and contrast essay. If the grade is better, it will replace the previous grade in that category.