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Miss C. Schenk

4th Grade

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February 29, 2021

Wednesday, February 29, 2021

Dear Parents,

We are off to Sacramento tomorrow! I looked at the weather report today and rain is possible. Make sure you bring an umbrella, warm clothes, and shoes that can get wet and/or dirty. I’ll see you bright and early (5:20 a.m.) at the Long Beach airport. Parents who are coming: remember to bring a photo id (driver’s license) with you to be able to board the plane.

Remember that Tuesday is a non-student day because of the middle school fine arts festival.

Progress reports should have been mailed today. The sheet that shows each subjects’ grade says quarter 2. Ignore that. It is the correct grades for quarter 3. The program does not allow me to change columns, but when it is printed for report cards, it goes through a different progress that fixes it. I highlighted all missing work. Please email me if you have any questions, but I will not be checking emails over the Sacramento trip or the weekend.

This week I did not get finished grading the rough drafts of the how to essays. The original due date was next Wednesday, but I will give students more time since they haven’t gotten them from me yet. It will probably be next Friday or the Monday after that.

Next week we are back to spelling. We will test on list 21 on Thursday even though Tuesday is a non-student day.

This week’s math scores were much better than last time overall. If you child’s scores are still low, please help them out and remind them to ask questions in class.

Next week you will receive a sheet of extra credit opportunities for the 3rd quarter. They will be due on Thursday, March 15th.

Friday, March 16th is a non-student day.

Friday, March 30th is our School Family on joyfulness.

God bless,

Miss Schenk

February 23, 2021

Friday, February 24th

Dear Parents,

This week the students presented their coffee can reports. They did a great job! I love the creative objects people chose and the neat ways the cans were decorated. Way to go! I would love to save them for Open House, but I don’t have that much storage space here. I’d love to have you save them and bring them back around Open House. It’s optional, but it would be fun to have them on display.

Next week there is no spelling test.

Our Sacramento trip is almost here! Make sure you review the note I gave you last week about details for the trip. Please let me know early in the week if you have any questions. If your child is not going and will be at school those days, please let me know by Monday. I need to find a class for them.

This week’s math test scores were lower than usual. We spent extra time reviewing the concepts after the test. Please check with your child to see if they need more help. Our next math test will be on Wednesday, February 29th.

Progress reports come out next week. Remember your child will only get one for a C or below in each subject. If you want a list of missing work for your child, please email me.

Don’t forget that Tuesday, March 6th is a non-student day.

We started our adjective unit in language this week. We will have quizzes on March 5th and 7th and a test on March 9th.

God bless,
Miss Schenk

February 16, 2021

Friday, February 17th

Dear Parents,

Happy Valentine’s week! We had a fun party on Tuesday. Thank you for sending in all the yummy treats. Our devotion that morning was about how much God loves us. It was a perfect tie-in for the day of love.

In writing, we finished and shared our factual reports. You should be getting those scores back in your Friday folder. This week we started on how-to essays. We had some fun demonstrations as people tried to teach me to do simple tasks like put on a sweater, draw a star, and do a jumping jack to name a few. Each student has picked their topic. By Tuesday, they need to have completed p. 88-89 in their workbook.

Remember that Monday is a holiday. Enjoy the day off.
The language test and math test will both be on Tuesday. See last week’s Friday letter or the website for language review suggestions. The students should be bringing home math pretests today to help them study.

Wednesday, February 22nd is two very important things. One is that coffee can reports are due that day. Please make sure your child is finished. We will do presentations starting that day and for the next several days after that. Second, it is Jump rope for Heart day. Please make sure your child is wearing comfortable shoes. Remember to turn in any money you have collected.

We have a Bible test on Thursday. It will cover our unit on King Saul and David. There is a study guide in your Friday folder. Remember that the Bible verse, 1 Samuel 15:22, will also be tested this day.

Friday is the next science test on unit B2. The test covers both rocks and minerals. Students should know the following words: mineral, rock, sedimentary rock, streak, igneous rock, hardness, metamorphic rock, luster, and rock cycle. Students will need to be able to use Mohs’ hardness scale to answer questions. Know what type of rock would have fossils, how rocks are classified, how a rock is different from a mineral, and the mineral name for table salt.

Next Friday marks the end of the 3rd quarter progress report period. That means I will be printing progress reports the week of Sacramento and sending them home.

Those of you going to Sacramento should have a packet in your Friday folder. There is a list of guidelines for students and for chaperones. Please sign those and bring them back by Friday, February 24th.

God bless,
Miss Schenk

February 09, 2021

Dear Parents,

This week we finished our novel Number the Stars. I hope your child enjoyed it as much as I did. We will be taking a break from novels for about a month. During this time, we will be reading out of our anthology book. Our next novel will be Island of the Blue Dolphins.

Next Tuesday is Valentine’s Day! Please remember that if students bring valentines, they should bring them for each member of the class. Here is a list of names: Cesar, Michael, Bella, Yaireth, Mik, Cory, Katie, Corey, Dean, Raul, Jessa, Denver, Brian, Natalie, Rebecca, Priscilla, Emily, and Ivana. Thank you for signing up to bring ingredients for our ice cream sundaes.

Our Sacramento trip is coming up in a few weeks. Those of you going on the trip will receive a packet of information about it in next week’s Friday folder. If your child is not going, please let me know if they will be in school those days, March 1st and 2nd. I will find another class for them to be with if they are here.

The spelling list for next week is list 20. The test is on Thursday as usual.

We will have a language quiz on Monday. It will cover the subjective, objective, and possessive forms of nouns. There is a chart on p. 159 of the language book. Students will need to be able to fill in blanks on a chart just like that. They will also need to pick the correct pronoun to fill in a sentence. We had a surprise language quiz Wednesday, and the class did great! We had all A’s and B’s with 10 A+ scores! Way to go! The next language test is next Thursday the 16th. It will cover plural vs. singular pronouns, the spelling of possessive pronouns (there is NEVER an apostrophe), the pronoun chart on p. 159, using pronouns correctly in a sentence, and plural nouns.

Tuesday is our history test on chapter 6. Students should know the following: what happened to most Native Americans after the missions closed, the name for the land Mexico gave away, the nationality of most vaqueros, the main export from California, and the definition of Manifest Destiny. You should also know the following people: John C. Fremont, Jose Figueroa, Miguel Hidalgo, Jedediah Strong Smith, and Bernarda Ruiz. There will also be a section on reading a time line. The two short answer questions are: 1) What country threatened the rancheros, and why was Vallejo worried? 2) Explain why the U.S. went to war with Mexico, how the Mexican War affected California, and why the Californios lost to the U.S.

Don’t forget that the coffee can report is due on Wednesday, February 22nd!

Keep working on our memory verse, 1 Samuel 15:22. It will be on the next unit test on Thursday, February 23rd.

Remember that Monday, February 20th is a holiday.

God bless,

Miss Schenk

February 03, 2021

February 3, 2021

Dear Parents,

This week started off with some fun uses of technology. We watched two high energy history videos, one about the missions and one about California’s four regions. We also used a fun new tool we have- a small handheld microscope that connects directly to a computer through a USB port. We looked at some mineral samples as well as other objects like our fingers, an eraser, fabric, etc. We are starting a science unit on rocks and minerals. If you child has a rock or mineral to share, they may bring it to school. I cannot guarantee they will be able to share it the day they bring it, but within a few days I will make sure they are able to share.

The book fair is next week! There are several papers in your Friday folder about that. Make sure to check them out. We will be going once as a class. I am aiming for Wednesday. If you want your child to purchase books then, send them with money. That will be our one class trip. Otherwise you will need to accompany your child to the book fair before or after school.

Keep working on your coffee can reports. You have two and a half weeks left until they are due on Wednesday, February 22nd.

In your Friday folder you should be getting back the science test, math test, spelling test, the compare and contrast writing score, and possibly the language test. Please look for those.

Next week’s spelling list is 19. We are skipping 18 which is a review lesson. The test will be on Thursday.

We will be finishing our novel Number the Stars on Monday. We will take some time during the week to review the main characters and concepts. The final test will be on Thursday.

Please review the math test with your child. There are some concepts that haven’t sunk in yet and may need to be reviewed more. I have put upcoming math test dates on the calendar. Those are tentative. We may need to go slower in order to make sure everyone is caught up with the concepts we have learned so far.

I put a sign-up sheet on the door for our Valentine party.

Monday, February 20th is a holiday. Enjoy the time off!

God bless,

Miss Schenk