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Crystal Cathedral

Main Service Times: Main - 9:30 & 11:00 AM | Evening - 7:00 PM | Arabic - 1:15 PM

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Ten Ways to Find A Church

This is designed for those who are new to the idea of looking for a church and for those who may be relocating to a new area and need to be reestablished in a church:

1. Check the yellow pages in the phone book. If you are looking for a particular denomination, they are listed by denomination. The Internet can help you.

2. Do you read about churches in your newspaper? What do they seem to be doing? Does it seem relevant? Does the pastor write a newspaper column? Does what he has to say make a difference? Does their advertising speak to your needs?

3. Make a list of the top seven requirements for the church of your choice. Stop at seven churches in your community and pick up every brochure, program and newsletter available. See how well they match your list. Make an appointment to visit with the pastor explaining that you are in the process of looking for a church to attend.

4. Look for signs of life/activity around the church. Are the buildings and grounds well maintained? Are there cars parked in the lot during the day? Are there lights on and cars in the lots at night? How often?

5. Check With neighbors, friends and fellow workers asking where they attend church.

6. Phone Several churches and inquire if they have programs that meet your, and your families needs, i.e., youth programs, children's programs, senior adults, singles, divorce recovery, small groups, Bible studies, etc.

7. Visit several churches. Is there a positive message presented? Are the people warm and accepting? Does the church honor Jesus Christ and the Bible? Are there opportunities to receive Christ? Does the church reach out beyond its own doors?

8. Find a church that meets your expectations. Churches have personalities. It doesn't hurt to visit several churches. By visiting you will find a church in which you identify as being a place where you would feel comfortable and where you would want to be involved.

9. From the beginning of your search, pray and ask God to direct you to a church that will assist you in your journey.

10. While you are looking for a church to attend, watch the HOUR OF POWER and be part of the world's largest televised church service.

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