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Crystal Cathedral

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How do I request for prayer?

Firstly, you must have an account and be logged in to request prayer. You can request prayer by clicking either the link on the left navigational bar that says Prayer Request or by clicking on the link at the bottom of the Prayer Community landing page.

The links will take you to a form where you would have to:

(a) choose a category that most describes your request,

(b) type in a short title (maximum of 50 characters) for your request,

(c) type in a description of your request,

(d) choose which group of responders you would like to request prayer from, and

(e) agree to the submission policy of the Prayer Community application.

Please check the box provided if your content is not appropriate for children (someone under 18 years old).

After completing the online form, click on the Submit Prayer button to submit your request to our online prayer community.

Why does it bring me back to the Make a Prayer Request Form?

All fields are required for the Make a Prayer Request Form. Please make sure you have completed the form before clicking on the Submit Prayer button.

What is a Prayer Category?

Your prayer requests are sorted into topics, which we call Prayer Categories. These categories are general descriptions of your prayer requests.

How do I make a title for my prayer request?

The title is a short summary of your prayer request. It is the headline of your request. E.g. Operation needed.

Who are the Responders?

Responders are the different user groups that can view and respond to your prayer request. The different user groups are:

(a) Public Website, anyone who visits the Prayer Community website is classified under this group;

(b) Crystal Cathedral Prayer Team - Private, a team of volunteers and staff members who prays for private requests;

(c) Prayer Community Participants, registered users of our online prayer community;

(d) Prayer Community Participants - Women Only, registered female users of our online prayer community;

(e) Prayer Community Participants - Men Only, registered male users of our online prayer community.

What does 'content not appropriate for children' mean?

Requests of a sensitive nature should be flagged as content not appropriate for children under 18 years old. We trust that Prayer Community Participants are responsible enough to know when their request should not be viewed by children.

Prayer Community Participants may flag inappropriate or objectionable requests while browsing through Prayer Community by clicking on the Report Inappropriate Prayer Request link.

This is also true for inappropriate or objectionable prayer responses or answered prayers.

Why is there a Prayer Community Submission Policy?

The Prayer Community Submission Policy is meant to protect participants in our online prayer community. It makes sure that participants understand how their requests will be used or viewed.

How do I delete my prayer request?

In order to maintain the integrity of our records, we do not delete prayer requests. After a period of 30 days, the prayer request is no longer available in the Prayer Community.

An email is sent to the author of the prayer request before the end of the 30-day period to allow him/her to extend the life of the prayer request. You may also go to your Prayer Journal and click on the link labeled "Extend the Life of My Prayer Request" to make you request available to our community for a longer period of time.