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Crystal Cathedral

Watch the Hour of Power online and on television (Saturday at 6PM PST on TBN, Sunday at 8AM EST/PST on Lifetime)


How do I register for an account?

1. Please go to: http://www.crystalcathedral.org/account/register.php

2. Fill in all the required fields (those marked with a red *)

3. Submit form.

4. Check the email account you used to register. (Make sure you add register@crystalcathedral.org to your Address Book or Safe Senders list)

5. Click on the Activate Your Account link or follow the alternate instructions in the email.

6. Login to your account.

How do I activate my account?

To activate your account you must check your e-mail account for a Crystal Cathedral/Hour of Power Account Activation e-mail.

In this e-mail there are two ways to activate your account:

1. You can click on the link that says Activate My Account or

2. You can go to http://prayer.crystalcathedral.org/accounts/activate.php and copy and paste the activation code into the box provided.

I did not receive the Account Activation e-mail. How do I request for another e-mail to be sent to me?

Many e-mail programs have a built-in filter that automatically blocks messages from any sender whose e-mail address is not in the recipient's address book or Safe Sender list. Please make sure that you place the e-mail address, register@crystalcathedral.org, is in your address book or Safe Sender list. There is a category called Adding Us to Your Safe Senders List, which contains more information about this process.

You can click here to go to our request activation e-mail page. Fill in your e-mail address and click on the Resend Email button.

Why can't I login with my username and password?

Please check that you are using the correct username and password at http://www.crystalcathedral.org/account/password.php

Copy and paste the username and password sent to you in the corresponding text fields in the login page.

If you are still not able to login, you may not have activated your account yet. Here are the most common reasons you are experiencing difficulty with activating your account.

Firstly, in order to complete your registration you will need to respond to an Activation email that was sent to the email address you used to register with. Please check the email account you used to register.

If you have done this and did not receive the Activation email, then you need to add this address: register@crystalcathedral.org to your email address book.

For help with this go to the category labeled Adding us to your Safe Senders List.

Next, please click this link below, enter your email address and I will resend your activation email:

Once you have activated your account, you should be able to login with your username and password.

How do I change my username and password?

After logging in with your current user name and password, click on the My Account link in the left navigation. This will take you to your profile page, click on the Edit My Account Information link in the Manage My Profile section.

You will be taken to the View / Edit My Information page. In this page you may edit your account information. Please note that user names and emails are unique, so if someone already uses your preferred user name or you already signed up with your email address, the application will give you an error message saying so, you should then choose a different and unique user name or email to use in our community.