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Frequently Asked Questions

Praying for Others

Help on praying for others in the Prayer Community.

How do I pray for others?

There are two ways to pray for others.

One way is to focus on a particular category of prayer. Prayers are listed under different subjects and you may choose what are you want to concentrate on.

Another way is to view all prayers. These prayers will be displayed one at a time until you decide to end your prayer session.

When you pray for others, you will be taken to a form where you can choose to select prayers from Dr. Schuller's books that will be listed as options or you may choose the "I've prayed for you" option which means you have prayed silently for the request or you may choose to write a personal prayer for the request.

You may also choose to make your response private, which means only you and the person who requested prayer will be able to see your response.

Click on the Submit Encouragement button to publish your prayer response.

What does "I've prayed for you." mean?

The "I've prayed for you." option sends a short message to the participant who made the request that you've prayed for them.

What are Prayer Suggestions?

Prayer Suggestions are prayers chosen from Dr. Schuller's books or the scriptures that are appropriate for that particular area of prayer. You may choose one of the suggested prayers to send to the person who made the request as words of encouragement.

How do I say my own prayer?

You may say your own prayer for the person who made the request by choosing that option and typing in encouraging words in the box labeled My Prayer. These personal words of encouragement will be seen by the participant who made the request and those who have prayed for the same prayer request.