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What is My Prayer Journal?

My Prayer Journal is your private journal of the requests you have made and the requests you have prayed for in our online prayer community.

The My Prayer Requests tab displays your prayer request, the status of your prayer request and actions you may perform on your prayer requests like closing your prayer, making an update and seeing the encouragements sent by participants in our online prayer community.

The My Prayer Responses tab displays the requests you have prayed for and a link to see the encouragements you have posted, as well as other participants of the online prayer community.

What does the Status column signify?

In the My Prayer Requests tab, there is a column that is labeled as Status. The Status of your prayer requests describes the process it is in at that moment. The most common status would be Published to Prayer Community, which means that the responders you specified when you submitted your prayer request can now view it. When you close your prayer request, the status column will say "Resolved", this means that you are not accepting any more prayers for this request.

Other types of Status include: (1) "Waiting for Moderation" which means that it is had been reported as inappropriate and is in the moderation queue; (2) "Modified & Waiting for Moderation" which means that the user has edited his post and is in the moderation queue; and (3) "Private Response Sent" which means that a member of the Crystal Cathedral Prayer Team has prayed for the request.

What happens when I click on See Other's Encouragements?

Clicking on this link lets you view the public prayers sent by other members of our online prayer community for your request. Note that you may choose to make your prayer private, which means that only the one who posted the prayer request will be able to see your response.

What happens when I click on Make an Update?

Clicking on this link takes you to the Make a Prayer Update Form. A Prayer Update is a follow up to your prayer request; it may be the outcome of the situation you requested prayer for or a thank you message to our online prayer community for praying for your request.

What happens when I click on Close Prayer Request?

Clicking on this link closes your request to prayers, which means people from the online prayer community cannot send responses to your request anymore.

Where can I view the responses to my Prayer Request? I went into My Prayer Responses and it was empty.

The Prayer Journal has three tabs, My Prayer Requests with all the prayer requests you posted, My Prayer Responses with all the prayers you prayed for others, and Saved Prayer Requests with all the prayer requests you saved because you want to be updated about it and you want to pray for it again at a later date.

To see the responses to your prayer request, you should go to the My Prayer Requests tab. In the column labeled Actions, click on the link labeled See Others' Encouragements. This will take you a page that displays all the responses to your Prayer Request.

What does the Flag as Inappropriate link mean in the responses to my prayer requests?

When a person prays for your prayer request, he/she is given a choice of sending a suggested prayer or sending a personal prayer which he/she writes himself. In order to protect our users, we placed the ability to flag a personal prayer as inappropriate by clicking on this link, which means the prayer response contained language that may be offensive or personal information that should not be published in a public website. It is a way for our community to self-moderate itself in order to help each other through prayers.

Those that do not have the link labeled "Flag as Inappropriate" are suggested prayers by our pastors.

Why don't I have a Make an Update link for my old prayer requests? Why is the status blank for these prayer requests?

Due to the high volume of prayer requests and responses, a prayer request is only available on the site for 30 days. Since you status is blank and only the See Others' Encouragements is available as an action, your prayer request has probably been in our system for more than 30 days. That is why you do not see the Make an Update action.

If your prayer request is no longer available you may submit your update as a new prayer request.