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Crystal Cathedral

Main Service Times: Main - 9:30 & 11:00 AM | Evening - 7:00 PM | Arabic - 1:15 PM

Family Update

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Nicholas Doyle & LinnDee Barrientos, daughter of Barbara Barrientos (CC staff), married 11/14/09.



U.S. Armed Services personnel, serving the cause of freedom around the world.

Pat Adams, friend of Dawn Densberger, prayer for family & revitalized faith.

Coleen Barilone, fell at CC Sunday, surgery at UCI, rod put in femur.

Fred Barnes, released from hospital, recovering at home.

Lavonne Benton, in skilled nursing home.

Roger Benton, hospitalized.

Rose Borja, recovering at home.

Art DeClercq III (Tammi), cancer challenges.

Dorothy Garlick, recovering at home.

Harry Johnson (Betty Cornell), heart attack, recovering at home.

Liana Kovacs, recent hip replacement surgery.

Vera McInerney (Joe), doing better in her recovery.

Pam Moore, daughter-in-law of Anne Waltz, to undergo chemo and /or radiation.

Joanne Phillips, biopsy showed no cancer.

Hyuk Shim (Jane), CAT Scan shows clear of cancer.

Helen Smith, colon cancer surgery, 12/7/09.

Joan Trout (Chuck), recent surgery.

Rhea Zakich, lay leader, silent, awaiting vocal cord procedure.



Dory Bauler, Lavonne Benton, John & Eileen Bos, Margie Brunn, Betty Dorman, Emily & Ray Fields, Pauline Foreman, Jo Ann Genet, Barbara Goodrich, Juanita

(Dillbeck) Guthrie, Marge Hartman, Mary Hays-Bridges, Victoria Hord, Jack Joyce, Sterry Kipp, Mim Krisher, Omadel Johnson, Ruth Laidlaw, Darcus Langer, Betty Lee, Lauri Lintot, , Vera McInerney , Elva Morrow, Rosella Mystrom, Marylin Nash, Bruce Newton, Nancy O┬╣Brecht, Blanche Parris, Joanne & Phil Phillips, Patrick Pieterse, Jack Pringle, Evelyn Proper, Jacqueline Propst, Mary Ann Schmalz, Pauline Shaw, Ann Shepherd, Frances Smith, Sadie Steiner, Priscilla Thomas, Rita Tijerina, Dorothy Van Beek, William Watkins, Kay Whipple, Peggy Yearsly, Doris Smith Young, Vada Young, Sara Zapffe.



Carroll C. Johnson, husband of Omadel, 11/30/09. Svc: 12/15, 12 pm, Mem Grdns.

Donald E. Lombard, St. Paul, MN, brother of Janice Lombard, 10/29/09.

Chris De Vries, Holland, brother of Anke Vogelvang, 11/27/09.

Herold Hamamoto, husband of Winifred, 12/1/09. SVC: Sat., 12/12/09, 10 am, CC.

LaVern Stevens, wife of former CC Pastor C.W. Bill Stevens, 12/2/09. Svc:

12/7/09, 11 am, Rose Hills, Mon.

Carl Wallace, 11/29/09, Svc. pending.

Evelyn Waterson, Laguna Beach, 11/23/09. Svc: 12/30/09, 11 am, Arb.

Almaretta Young, 11/28/09. Svc: 12/12/09, Mem Grdns.

James Young, 11/24/09, husband of Doris Smith Young, father of Barbara Scheild.

John Zoetewey (101), Colorado, father of Carolyn (Warren) Nelson, 11/19/09.

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