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Crystal Cathedral

Main Service Times: Main - 9:30 & 11:00 AM | Evening - 7:00 PM | Arabic - 1:15 PM


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Letting Go Can be An Act of Loving-Kindness
Room 426 at the University Hospital looked like a cheerful, fun-filled, child's room in an affluent suburb.  Colorful posters brightened the walls.  Upbeat slogans on computer printout paper called for determination, hope, and willpower.  Flowers in vases created a spring-like ambience.

Funeral Ahead
She sat down with a satisfied look on her face:  "My dad's funeral is all set.  He planned it himself three years ago, when he first got sick.  He picked the hymns, the Bible texts, the special solos, everything.  He even had the coffin chosen and paid for.

A Mild Earthquake Is Good For The Soul
It hit with a house-rocking "wham!"  We were jolted into full terrifying consciousness from a dead sleep.  "Earthquake!" we shouted needlessly to each other as the room swayed.  I jumped out of bed and pulled on my jeans.

After A Hurricane, Search For Flowers
Hurricane Hugo ripped through the Caribbean National Forest of Puerto Rico in September of 1989, bulldozing to smithereens most of the stunning canopy of trees and other flora and fauna.  That spectacular woods thrived as a densely packed umbrella of beauty for hundreds of years, but fierce winds up to 212 miles per hour totally wiped out this glorious gem of creation.

God Lets You Take A Mulligan
("Is Grieving Feeling Sorry For Yourself?") A question about grieving sliced my way recently. I was golfing with a recently widowed young man. He didn't directly ask. He casually teed an issue up to see if I would take a swing: "Don't you think a lot of grief is feeling sorry for yourself?"

Death Must Not Win
Spencer and Molly Gardener had a happy start in their married life. Both had satisfying jobs, good health and strong values supported by their faith. After five years in the market-place they agreed to start a family. True to form, for them, babies came easily and healthfully. Soon there were three.

How To Make A Coincidence Happen
Today Chad is a robust college graduate. But shortly after his birth he was a dying baby. "He will not make it through the night," his father sorrowfully informed me. The same fatal problem as took the life of the third child of President John F. Kennedy, afflicted him. It was something impossible involving the lungs and a hyaline membrane.

The Cocoon
One of the constant questions among God’s people is why God doesn’t step in and help us in the steady flow of dilemmas, hardships and tragedies of life. It seems like it would be so easy for God to quickly pick us up, heal the hurts, smooth things out and get us going again.

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