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Crystal Cathedral

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2205 2020-05-06

Light of the World

By Bobby Schuller

Whenever I speak to people, I always try and put myself in the seat of my audience. This, of course, is a huge audience beyond just the people sitting in this Cathedral; we have people from all over the world who view this program on the Hour of Power.

Previously on the Hour of Power

Jesus Christ: God's Greatest Gift by Dr. Steven Berry

2204 2020-04-29

Dr. Steven Berry was the senior minister of the First Congregational Church in Manchester, Vermont, where he currently lives with his wife, Carol. He has been a much sought-after guest pastor, having preached at the Duke Chapel in Durham, North Carolina, the Riverside Church in New York City, the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and more.

Come, Join the Adventure with Jesus by Lawrence Wilkes

2203 2020-04-22

Well folks, I think most of us enjoy a parade, don't we? A few years ago, my wife and I, with my daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, who was just in a little baby in arms at that time, went to a place called Canmore, Alberta, and we were there on July1st, which is Canada's birthday. This small mountain town was throwing a party downtown, which included a parade. So, since we had nothing else to do, we thought, let's go and see it.

Continuing the Adventure! by Lawrence Wilkes

2202 2020-04-15

Well folks, I want to continue the journey…no, the adventure. Let's continue the adventure with God. Last time, we talked about Moses leading the people out of bondage and into the desert, into all kinds of expressions of God's love for them. They went through tough times in the desert places, but they went through miracles, as well. In fact, when you stop and think of it, I'm not sure that miracles happen unless there's a tough moment, a situation that brings about a miracle where God steps in with the people. And so we saw that last week and we were amazed how God entered into the lives of those people; guided them, directed them, gave them a cloud during the day so that they would have a covering from the heat of the sun in the desert, and at night, a pillar of fire to give them a focus area so that they would not get lost in the dark; they would know where they were as they followed that light.

He is Risen! by Bobby Schuller

2201 2020-04-08

It's Easter! It's a simple message to preach - Jesus is resurrected.

Several years ago, I asked an old friend, a pastor of this community, ‘what do you preach on Easter?' And he said, ‘if I were to give you any advice on Easter, just preach the story. Just tell them what happened.' So here I am this morning, a believer, a Christian just like you. For those of you who have not heard, for those of you who are not Christians, and even for those of you who are, I come to tell you the story and what it means to us who believe.

Redemption: The Theme of God's Word by Lawrence Wilkes

2200 2020-04-01

It’s been a wonderful morning so far, has it not? Just to hear that choir, the solo, the interview; my, it is wonderful. And all of it, whether in word or song, is from the heart of people who have, indeed, been redeemed. That word, redemption, is in the Bible from the beginning to the end. Maybe not the word, but the implication is there, all the way through. The Bible is full of stories of redemption. Why? Because God is a God of redemption. He doesn’t close the door on any of us. He’s always opening that door for new days, new opportunities, new things, rebirth; it’s always an open door.

Peter – God Will Give You Hope by John C. Maxwell

2199 2021-03-25

Good morning! What a delight it is to be at the Crystal Cathedral. My wife and I were going on a cruise to see the fjords of Norway and about two weeks before we were ready to leave on the cruise, I looked on the calendar and I realized it was a two week cruise to see the fjords of Norway. So I said to my wife Margaret, I said “sweetheart, don’t you think that’s a little long, I mean to see the fjords of Norway? I mean God created the heaven’s and earth in six days and we’re going to take two weeks just to look at fjords of Norway. Can’t we go for a week and take pictures?” So we talked it all out and we had a marvelous two week cruise. Anybody that shares with me that they don’t believe in compromise has never been married.

Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic

2198 2021-03-18

Good morning everybody. God is so faithful and He’s so good. God has no limits, even when we feel like there is just no hope. God can actually un-expressively in words; He can do miracles with even the most broken pieces of our lives.

Bridge Builders by Sheila Schuller Coleman

2197 2021-03-11

Mercy Me by Sheila Schuller Coleman

2195 2021-02-26

We are happy because we are blessed because we have God and we follow God’s law. And when we follow God’s law, we live the best lives possible. That’s what we talked about when we went through the Ten Commandments - that God wants you to have a blessed life. He wants you to have the best life possible, and that’s why we’re continuing now with the Be a New Attitude, or the Beatitudes of Jesus.

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