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Crystal Cathedral

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Experience the Power of Prayer

By Suzette Caldwell

2063 08/16/2009

It is great to be here today. I'm just honored to be a part this wonderful, wonderful ministry and I want to thank Dr. and Mrs. Schuller and the Schuller family for inviting me to bring today's message.

I think that we should thank God today for all that this family has contributed worldwide throughout the years. And let's show Christ our Lord our appreciation for His goodness and His faithfulness. Would you please give Him a handclap of praise. And it's okay to say woo hoo! We must give the most honor to the Lord our God who is mighty in power. Through His Son Jesus Christ, we have redemption and we have the forgiveness of sin. Now, I serve a God who is mighty. I serve a God who can do all things. There is nothing too difficult for this God. Everything is possible with this God. With this God, we are healed. We are delivered. We are redeemed and I praise God that He blesses us. He's with us, He is faithful, and He loves us unconditionally. There is no God like this God. All the other gods are just idols. He is the only living God. He's the God who created all things and by Him, all things have been created.

And He's the God who is going to bless this church. So, this is the word I have for you, Dr. Schuller, for today. God says, I am a big God. I am a God that sits in eternity and I am not bound by time. I have heard your thoughts. I've heard your ponderings and I've heard your prayers. I, the Lord God, want you to know that this ministry will go for years and years and years to come. I am taking this ministry to a whole different dimension. I am doing something different. There is a new breath flowing through here. I wouldn't be God if I didn't do things differently.

Isn't that what you've been telling the people all these years? Haven't you been telling them that God is different? Don't put Him in a box, don't choke Him, and don't underestimate Him. Haven't you been saying that there is nothing that I cannot do? Well I'm telling you, says the Lord, I'm taking the Crystal Cathedral to another level. Please know that I am pleased, I am well pleased for your service, and that of your son, and your daughters, and your grandchildren, who will take this church to a new dimension. And there will be a great filling of the holy ghost, and there will be a mighty move, there will be miracles, there will be signs, there will wonders. God says, possibility thinking, you only got to the tip of the iceberg. I'm about to expand it to another dimension, thus saith the Lord. Amen.

Thank You Lord for this wonderful word. For this church. Thank You Jesus. Thank You Lord. Hallelujah!

Now the Lord says to you, the members of Crystal Cathedral, God says, I'm coming in here a different way, and I need you to follow after the leadership. I need you to trust them. I need you to hear them and I need you to obey them. And when you obey the leadership, you will be obeying Me. I'm about to break bondages. I'm about to bring deliverance. I'm about to kick you into the era that I myself have created for you and individually you are going to experience a glory and a power and an anointing from God that you have never experienced.

Pentecost is coming to Cathedral. Pentecost is coming to this church. The Holy Ghost is going to blow through here and blow your mind. And many of you who need healing, you are going to be healed before you die. Many of you who need to be delivered, I'm going to cast the demons out and your life is going to be set free. Do not hold back on me, do not underestimate Me, says the Lord because I am the Lord thy God and I am here with you, the Crystal Cathedral.

Your families will be blessed for generations to come because of the obedience of your leader, thus saith the Lord for you in Jesus' name. And everyone said Amen. (APPLAUSE) Amen. Come on, let's give Him the praise. You know, I need you all to praise the almighty God. Lift up your voices and say hallelujah! Hallelujah! (AUDIENCE - Hallelujah!) Hallelujah! Amen. Amen. Praise the Lord. That wasn't planned, but when the Lord moves, I move with Him. Amen. Praise the Lord.

Well, briefly, I want to talk to you about prayer. Prayer's extremely important to the life of the believer. All of us have been told to pray all throughout our lives. Many of us just don't know how to do it. The Bible says to pray without ceasing, that's in I Thessalonians. Paul states that men everywhere should pray and should always pray. Prayer is necessary in order for our sins to be forgiven, to overcome our enemies, to provide laborers who will bring in salvation. Did you know that you have to pray so that God will send people to witness his good news? We need prayer to overcome temptation. We need prayer to receive healing.

John Wesley said, that we should pray as if everything depends on God. We should work as if everything depends on us. He said it seems that God doesn't move until somebody prays. All of us have to pray. Nothing happens in the believer's life unless somebody opens their mouth and prays. In order for you to pray powerful, efficacious prayers, I want to talk to you today about four points the world needs a praying church. And I'm not talking about praying to commune with God. I'm talking today about praying to produce for God.

When we talk about prayer, many of us don't understand what prayer is. What is prayer? I'm glad you asked. Prayer is a supernatural vehicle created by God that allows natural human beings to communicate with God who is supernatural in the supernatural realm. What is prayer? It's more than communications.

Let me tell you what prayer is not. Prayer is not a pasture. Just because you come and kneel before the Lord and say something, it doesn't mean that you have used this vehicle called prayer. Just because you labor for the Lord and say something, it doesn't mean that you've prayed or walked before God. That's not prayer. Prayer is acts; it's not adoration. Confession, thanksgiving, and supplication - those are four key components to praying powerful, efficacious prayers that produce. Those are four key elements necessary in prayer. But prayer is not acts.

So then, what is prayer? Prayer is a supernatural vehicle created by God that allows natural human beings, that's us, to communicate with God who is supernatural and in the supernatural realm. Now this word "supernatural," it conjures up spookiness, mystery, and horror for some people. Hollywood has really done its job. But the supernatural is only a realm of life above the natural. The word super means above. And so there is this realm of life that is above our realm of life. We live in the natural realm; God lives in the supernatural realm. All the angels live in the supernatural realm. The devil and the demonic powers, they all live in the supernatural realm. All the spirits that exist live in the supernatural realm.

Why is it important for us to understand the things about the supernatural? Well, number one because God is in the supernatural. God's plans for your life are in the supernatural. You've heard the scripture, "I know the thoughts that I have for you" (Jeremiah 29:11). Those thoughts are with him. His will for your life is with Him in the supernatural. In order for us to experience His will right here on earth, we have to get into the supernatural and get those plans back into the earth, into this natural realm. Prayer is a supernatural vehicle created by God that allows natural human beings to communicate with God and for God in the supernatural realm.

The NASA space shuttle was created so that NASA could get human beings from one realm of light into a foreign environment called space. At some point in time, somebody looked up into the stars and wondered, "What does space have to offer?" Well, in order for NASA to answer that question, they had to create a vehicle to get human beings up there. Prayer is like the vehicle. It is a supernatural entity; it is real. That takes us from the natural realm and gets us into the supernatural so that God's plans can be retrieved and brought back into the earth.

Now, I need you to put your faith hat on. I'm a trained engineer, so it's very natural for me to think left-brain. You cannot think left-brain in this message. You have to put your faith cap on. For you right brain thinkers, praise the Lord, you all will just go anywhere we go. Praise God you're just open to anything. But, everyone please put your faith cap on and God is going to show you a few things in a few minutes. So, prayer is the vehicle that God created that takes us from the natural into the supernatural so that His plans can be retrieved and be brought back into the natural realm. Why should we pray? We pray because it's the center point of Christian living. Everything that happens in the kingdom of God must come through the vehicle.

Do you remember the story in Matthew 21 when Jesus walks into the temple? There He sees all of these people buying and selling. Are you familiar with this story? Yes? Good. So, he sees all these folks buying and selling in the outer courts of the temple and Jesus is ticked off. Jesus is mad. I love what the description in the Bible says about Jesus. You know Jesus whipped those guys out of the temple and kicked the tables over. That tells me that Jesus was not a pansy. Jesus was not a wimp. Jesus was a man's man. He could kick behind and take numbers when he needed to. Amen. Praise the Lord. So Jesus goes in there says, basically, "What in the world are you guys doing in here? Oh no. This is the house of God and we are not going to have this in here!" And I can see Jesus acting like my mother. When I grew up, I used to get spankings. Anybody in here ever got a spanking? I know times have changed. Amen. But you know what I mean, anyway. Let me go on.

So, I can see Jesus acting like my mom. My mom believed in the walk and talk spanking. Anybody know what the walk and talk spanking is? As you walking, she's talking. As you're moving, she's with you and she's talking. And so, I can see Jesus walking and talking and spanking. He says to them, "My house shall be called a house of prayer, but you are making a den of thieves. Get out of here!" (Matthew 21:13). Now, some things that we can learn from this particular scripture are very critical for prayer.

Number one, Jesus says, "My house shall be called a house of prayer." Let's look at that word "house." At that time, Jesus was speaking to the present time that he lived in and He was speaking to the time that was to come. He was speaking to the brick and the mortar in His present day, and He was speaking to the flesh and blood that was going to occur as a result of Him dying on the cross. So, he's saying, now, in the time I live in this house, it shall be called a house of prayer. But when he died and went back to be with the Father, to sit at His right hand, the Bible says that the brick and mortar changed to flesh and blood.

In I Corinthians it says, "Don't you know that you are the temple of the living God?" So, God was actually saying you are to be a house of prayer. That means every single person in this room is a command center for the Lord. You are a communications center for the Lord and you have the capacity to produce powerful prayers. You have the capacity to be accurate in your praying. You have the capacity to make a difference through the words that come out of your mouth. Why? Because Jesus defined you and he said that you are a house of prayer.

Now, He didn't say that my house will be a house of preaching. He didn't say my house will be a house of praise and worship. He didn't say my house would even be a house of programming. And we know all these three things are very critical to having a healthy vibrant church. But Jesus prioritized the role of the church and he says, number one, you will be a house of prayer.

It's very difficult to be a house of prayer if you don't know what to do. If you don't know what to say. I want to invite you to order a copy of the book that I've written, "Prayer: Praying To Change Your Life," because it is going to teach you how to pray in accordance with the pattern that Jesus presented in what we know as the Lord's Prayer. How many of you all want results from your prayer life? Anybody want results? Is anybody just praying to be praying? You know, it seems like a lot of people do more "kumbaya" time than really working for the Lord to accomplish His will.

That takes me to the next point. Now this is top secret. And I'm asking you not to say a word to anybody; just keep it right here, would you? Can you do that? Thank you. Then I'll go ahead and tell you what the secret is. Prayer…don't tell anybody…prayer was created for God's purposes not for our indulgences. Don't tell anybody, but prayer was created so that God could advance His kingdom in the Earth. It was created so that His will could be done for your life in the earth. Prayer was never supposed to be a time for us to just go in and ask God for everything and dump on God and just babble and say things that the Bible would say is praying amiss. Prayer was created so that God could accomplish His work in the earth. God created this vehicle so that we could partner with Him to make that happen. God has chosen to work with human beings to accomplish His will in the earth. He really does want to work with us to get his business done. I think it's extraordinary that God thinks so much about us that He created a vehicle that helps us to partner with him.

What does partnership mean? Partner means that we, the believer, come alongside and hook up with God, and do what He says to do. Prayer was created so that we could partner with God to accomplish His will in the earth. Partnership means that we come alongside God, hook up with Him, and head in the direction He wants to head and do what he wants to do. So, if God wants to go forward, we go forward. If God wants to go backwards, we go backwards. If God wants to go to the left, we go to the left. We work with Him.

So many believers, though, want God to go with us. We want God to submit to our spins, our opinions, what we think ought to happen. However, when you're in partnership with God, you align yourself up with Him through His word and you work with Him.

What usually happens, though, in the lives of many believers is that God is trying to take us one way and we are trying to take God in another way. What, then, is created? Tension, strife, struggle. If you have tension, strife, or struggle in your life, I want to ask you to check your partnership. So, God created prayer for His purposes, not our indulgences in order to produce results.

Point number four is that prayer must be loaded with God's word. You have to get this point. When NASA sends the shuttle into orbit, NASA loads human beings into the shuttle. The human beings have multiple job functions. Collectively they get into space, into that foreign environment, and collectively work together to accomplish NASA's mission. Now, when we pray, we are not loaded into prayer. When we open our mouths and say something, we launch the vehicle and it takes off. But the vehicle must be loaded. It has to have a payload. It has to have something in there in order to accomplish its function. And so the vehicle is loaded with God's word. God's word has multiple job functions. God's word is a messenger. God's word is a manufacturing system. God said, "Let there be," and there was. God's word is s surgical tool.

Hebrews 4 says that God's word is sharper than any tool. It is so sharp that it can cut and divide the soul and spirit. God's word is a navigation system. It is light unto our feet. It's a lamp unto our pathway. God's word has multiple job functions. When we open our mouths, launch the vehicle, and begin to say what God has already said, all of those job functions go to work for us.

God's word is weapon. It will destroy those things that are not intended for us. So, when we pray, we have to load the vehicle with His word. His word has been given power to produce God's results. Even God, himself, had to speak in order for things to happen. How was the world created? God spoke it into existence.

Remember the valley of dried bones? You have a valley of bones that are dry and parched and God goes and gets a human being, brings him to the valley, and says to speak to these bones and tell these bones what I say and these bones will live again.

Remember the wall of Jericho? The people walk around the wall, and on the seventh day they walk around seven times and here's the instructions: When you hear the sound of the ram's horn, open your mouth and shout, and the walls came tumbling down.

Moses couldn't make it into the promise land. One of the reasons was because God told Moses to speak to the rock and I'll make water come out of a rock, and Moses was so irritated with the people, he took the rod and hit that rock and so God said, no, you didn't follow my instructions. I told you that if you'll speak to it, it will do what you tell it to say.

Your prayers must be loaded with God's word. God's word is His wheel. In 1John 5:14 and 15, it says, "This is the confidence that we have, if we ask anything in accordance to His will, He hears us." And if we know he hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of him. I call this the Twenty First Century scripture for prayer. This is the confidence that you can have in Him, that if you ask anything in accordance with His will, then the will of God is his word.

So many of us have been asking God for years, "What is your will for my life?" "God show me your will for my life?" And you've been packing it, as we say in Texas, to church every Sunday. God's will is his word. So he says, "If you ask me anything in accordance to that word." That word "ask" means to not only request, but also to command or demand or require. If you declare my word according to my word, I'll listen. This is an interesting verse, because God says, "If you will ask in accordance to my word." He doesn't say the prayer will be answered; He says, I'll listen. God only listens to His word. God only performs on His word. God will listen to your moans and your groans. He'll listen to your disappointments and your pain, but God only acts on His word.

And so, when you go into your prayer closet to pray and you say, "God, I don't know if I can do it. I don't think I have what it takes to accomplish the project. I don't think I'm smart enough to be able to make the grades." Then you have to say, comma, "But your word says that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Your word says that in you I have the mind of Christ. I can think like you. I can negotiate like you. I can work like you. I can do all things like you. "

He says that when you pray in accordance to my will, I will listen to you and this is how you get the results. He throws the ball back into your court and He says, if you know I'm listening, the results will come in. If you know I am paying attention, the results will come in. That's the faith piece. Because faith is required in order to experience the things that God has for us. So, He says that this is the confidence you can have. You can take this to the bank, that when you pray, load your prayer with my word you can rest assured that I am listening and paying attention to you. And if you know I'm listening, all you've got to do is know I'm listening. And do you know how you know He's listening? Because you're saying what He's already said. And if you know He's listening, you get the results to your prayers.

Now, I want to say this - if you always say what God never said, you'll always get what God never intended for you. May I say that again? If you always say what God has never said, you will always get what God never intended for you. But, if you say what God says, you will always experience what God has for you. If you say what God says, you will experience God's will for your life. What is God's will for you life? Peace. What is God's will for your life? Prosperity. What is God's will for your life? Success. What is God's will for your life? Excellent health. What is God's will for your life? Your children to be safe.

Four years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I never forget that day. The doctor calls me and he says, "I'm sorry, but the test came back negative. You have cancer." I never forget it. It was as if somebody punched me in my gut. It just took the wind out of me. And I remember crying for eight hours. I sat in a rocking chair in my bedroom for eight hours and cried. I couldn't believe that I had gotten this report. Now I never felt like "Woe is me" or "Why me?" I never felt like that. My emotions were just overwhelmed. And so, around the eighth hour, I told myself - you know sometimes you got to just talk to yourself, you've got to speak to yourself, you've got to encourage yourself - and I spoke to myself, saying, "Suzette, you heard the report from the doctors, but you have not been given the final report. You've not heard the report from the Lord. Whose report are you going to believe?"

And so in my spirit I said, "Holy Spirit, the doctors said I got cancer. What is your report?" And let me tell you I heard God very clearly through the Holy Spirit.

He said two things: "Suzette you're not going to die." And I remember thinking what a relief. Because I have young children and a wonderful husband, I was not ready to die. Number two he says, "Walk out the process." I knew what that meant. That that cancer wasn't going to disappear just like that. Although I do know people right now who have had cancer and it disappeared just like that.

Some of you all know people who have just been miraculously healed. And so I said, "All right, God, I'm going to trust you." I got up out of that wheelchair went upstairs in to my office and I began to gather scriptures that deal with healing and what God will do when we are in a crisis. And as I was putting those scriptures together, the Lord said that, if that doctor had given you a prescription, you would have taken that medicine by now. He said I want you to take this word like medicine. Take this word three times a day and, in addition to your natural treatment, this is going to be your spiritual treatment.

And, I did just what God said. To me a dose is two or three scriptures; I took about three doses a day. I confessed that word over my life such as, "Jesus died on the cross so that I could live unto righteousness," and "By His strikes I am healed." And I would speak that to myself expecting God's will. I began to speak that word to myself expecting that word to get into the supernatural and bring God's word of healing back into my life.

Well, to make this story very short, I had to go through radiation. I prayed God's word three times a day every single day. I had a lumpectomy. A few days after the surgery, one of the doctors calls and she says, "The Lord really loves you."

I said, "I know that."

She said, "No, you don't understand. He really loves you. He has really shown Himself mightily through you."

I said, "Well, why do you say that?"

She says, "When they went to cut the cancer out, they saw that the cancer sat in a calcified area, and around that calcified area was a thinner calcified area." And the doctor said it was as if those two areas were a block for this cancer and it couldn't go anywhere.

Now, this was a cancer that was extremely progressive. When an African American woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, it can be a life and death situation. For some reason the cancers that we get are more severe than cancers in other people groups. So, anyway, I knew I had that cancer for at least seven or eight months. When I first felt it, it was a sore spot, and then it went away for about four or five months. But that's because it had grown into a lump. Ladies, the literature says check for lumps, but if you have any sore spots around your breasts, please tell your OBGYN.

So anyway, I am very certain that, because I took God's word and trusted God's word to do its job to get into the supernatural and bring God's healing and protection back to earth for me, that cancer was unable to go anywhere. Today I'm not a survivor. I'm an over-comer Amen. I am an over-comer. I take a medicine called Tomaxafin, and I'm almost done. Tomaxafin is an estrogen suppressor because the cancer was an estrogen eating cancer. They told me that I'd gain weight, my arm was going to swell on this side, and I would not have any range of motion. And as far as I know, I have not had any symptoms. When I was going through that cancer ordeal, I took God's word as my spiritual medicine. Now I take God's word as my spiritual vitamin. It is the maintenance that keeps my health healthy. Praise the Lord.

Prayer is the vehicle that God has created so that he can partner with us in order to accomplish His will. Today, you can pray powerful prayers that produce God's result. I want to invite you to go on the website, hourofpower.org, where you can get more information about this book, "Praying to Change Your Life."

We pray a certain way in Texas. We pray God's will, his word, using the Lord's Prayer as the pattern and it has been highly productive. I believe it is the design presented by Jesus that God wants to use to produce everything that He has for us in the earth. Last October, I believe it was October 12 on a Sunday, we asked our whole congregation in Texas, all four services, to pray a prayer that we'd written about the economy. We write all our prayers to make sure that our prayers are powerful, accurate, and strategic. And so the whole congregation wrote this prayer about the economy.

The Monday following that Sunday it was reported by CNN, FOX News, and all the other major networks that the stock market spiked at the highest that it had every spiked in the past seventy-five years. Do you remember that? We said, "Huh? Isn't that something! Let's try that again. We prayed that prayer again the following Thursday, and on Friday the stock market peaked again. Let me tell you, saints, if the body of Christ will come together and pray in one accord, in accordance with His will using Jesus' design, we can definitely make a tremendous impact in the world and produce God's will. Not only for the world, but also for your life. We must all pray. Jesus says we're all houses of prayer. We need everybody to carry his or her load. There is power in unified prayer. I want to invite you, again, to pray and to learn how to pray so that you can experience all that God has for you.

© Copyright Hour of Power 2009. This message was delivered by Suzette Caldwell from the pulpit of the Crystal Cathedral and aired on the Hour of Power, August 16, 2009.

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  1. youngeone writes:

    Firstly I thoroughly endorse the opening remarks given by Suzette Caldwell re - Dr. and Mrs. SCHULLER . I too thank GOD for HIS faithfulness, for the Faithfulness of the SCHULLER family throughout the years ,I have benifited ,grown and been blessed over and over through this Ministry ,GOD IS FAITHFUL and I firmly believe for THE HOUR OF POWER the best is yet to come . My prayers are with this ministry . I like the practical illustrations of the Shuttle and Partnership with GOD ,how true, some of us would want to take the lead ,GOD must lead. There is so much Truth and Nutrient in this message I will read it many many times over .Yes I will get the book . Dear JESUS help me to carry my load ,and be the person you want me to be . THANK YOU AGAIN.JMC.

    Report Abuse

    08/16/2009 01:01:25
  2. Laurel Arguedas writes:

    I too endorse all the opening remarks given by Suzette Caldwell. My husband was raised a catholic and I was raised a pentecostal. My husband came to the Lord through Dr. Schuller's ministry and i have always been grateful for that. I however missed in my spirit a little bit of that pentecostal energy but today Suzette Caldwell brought it in to the Crystal Cathedral WOW! what energy what fantastic word for all off us. I also journyed through Ovarian & Uterus cancer 4 years ago and i and my sister started speaking Gods word all around the house and over me. We got Gods Word ON and we got our Praise On Nothing else was allowed in the house or in the hospital during Chemo and I can say today that Gods word is full of power and I am 2 years cancer free. I told my doctor i know God has no favorites...but somehow i believe i am and my doctor replied i believe that too. To God Be the Glory.

    Report Abuse

    08/17/2009 12:41:01
  3. Rosebud37 writes:

    Wonderful message on praying GOD's Word by Suzette today; will be keeping this sermon for a reminder. The Lord showed me some time ago to use His Word for and against everything: Jesus spoke GOD's word against the tempter in the wilderness, and His Word was also used to accomplish His will. GOD'S Word is powerful! I am spending much more time these days memorizing scripture to pray to GOD and reading the scriptures out loud daily. I have seen amazing answers this way. Oh, this is a marvellous tool that will bring about marvellous results for GOD people. Thanks to Suzette for sharing one of the greatest secrets of the bible: the secret power of GOD'S WORD!!!

    Report Abuse

    08/18/2009 03:03:18
  4. Brudor writes:

    Suzette Caldwel leaves me wondering if reference to all other Gods as (Just Idols) brings people closer to Jesus or has the opposite effect.

    Report Abuse

    08/21/2009 08:16:30
  5. Laurel Arguedas writes:

    Brudor, throughout the Bible it clearly states that God is a jeoulous God and there is only one God. In fact it says "Choose whom you will serve". The Ten Commandments states that we shall have no other God or idols. If referring to all other Gods as (Just Idols) has a negative effect on people obviously these people aren't seeking a true relationship with God and his son Jesus Christ. When you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior ("Your Lord") anything else becomes unacceptable to you. It takes "wondering" away. Suzette Caldwell was talking to the Believer and how the Believer could add or increase Power to their Prayer.

    Report Abuse

    08/28/2009 10:58:23

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