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Crystal Cathedral

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Richard Rivale

2203 2020-04-22

Richard Rivale (RR) is a talented, young musician who attends the Crystal Cathedral High School. Richard was recently honored at the annual Arvella Schuller Scholarship Award ceremony where he received several awards. Lawrence Wilkes (LW) interviews Richard.

LW: My guest today is Richard Rivale, an outstanding young man who is excellent in music. Richard Rivale is a student at the Crystal Cathedral High School.

Richard, just recently the Arvella Schuller Scholarship Awards were given, and you received some of those awards. Can you tell us a little bit about event?

RR: I received awards in the fields of piano, vocal, instrumental and strings, along with a special award called the Roger Williams Award, which I was honored to receive.

LW: That's terrific! And what a wonderful accomplishment! Do you also play other instruments?

RR: Yes, along with the piano, I play the violin, the viola and all of the percussion instruments.

LW: Terrific! Now what are your lifetime goals, Richard?

RR: Well one of them is to play for God, and in each and every performance, I want to thank the Lord for my talents and share the love of Jesus Christ with those around me.

LW: Richard, we applaud you for that. Now you're going to play a piece on the piano for us. Can you tell us about the piece you're going to be playing?

RR: I will be performing my own arrangement of a piece called the Holy Revolution, which consists of classical music by Frederick Chopin, the "Revolutionary Etude," and a hymn fit for today, "The Holy City."

LW: Richard, God loves you and so do we. Thank you.


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