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Shawna Stewart

2202 2020-04-15

Shawna Stewart (SS) is the director of the Biola University Chorale, located at Biola University in La Mirada, California. In two weeks, this group of young people will be traveling to Germany to walk in the footsteps of music composer Bach. Shawna says their mission is to not only bring the gospel of Christ to those in Germany, but to sing in rest homes, and become a part of the German culture. Lawrence Wilkes (LW) interviews Shawna.

LW: Shawna, thank you so much for bringing this talented group of young people to sing for us today. We cannot thank you enough. You’re a great choir, from a great university.

Now Shawna, you’ve been here before. About a year ago, you filled in for John Tebay while he had some medical issues to take care of.

SS: That was a really special time for me, to be here to connect with the congregation and to connect with the choir. It was a very meaningful time for me.

I remember walking away from the month that I was here, feeling inspired and encouraged, knowing that people were seeking a relationship with Jesus. Just watching them seek the Lord made a great impact in my life. So I was grateful for that opportunity, and really appreciated the time that I spent here.

LW: Now this choir is about to go on a tour, Shawna. Where and when?

SS: Well two weeks from today, we’ll be landing in Munich, Germany and we’ll then be traveling to Beiroit. Our first performance will be in Europe. Our tour is going to be In the Footsteps of Bach; that’s what it’s called. I’ve always wanted to go see the places where Bach lived and worked and where his music was performed. And now we all get to do it together, making wonderful music and bringing the gospel of Christ through our lives and through our music-making to the people there.

But I actually believe that this is much more than just singing for people. There’s nothing more touching than to bring the gospel to people, but more than just the music, we’re going to look at investing in people’s lives, connecting with University students, singing for people that are in rest homes, and be a part of the German culture. We will be seeing some of their significant historical sights, such as Martin Luther’s prison cell. So we know that when we’ll be giving, that we will also be receiving. We hope that through our music we can bring the truth and beauty of Christ to everyone that we meet.

LW: Shawna, that’s terrific, and we just want to say as Crystal Cathedral folks, we love you, we care about you, and as you go, may you go with God’s speed and safety, and may God be with you. We love you; God loves you and so do we.

SS: Thank you.

LW: Thank you.


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