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Michael Guillen

2198 2021-03-18

RAS: It is my honor to welcome back to the Crystal Cathedral a dear friend of this ministry, Michael Guillen. We first met Michael when he was the science correspondent for ABC News, including 20/20, and he came and shared how science and religion actually do connect. Since then, Michael has been here many times and through it all, we have seen the hand of God work in Michael’s life and the life of his family. And here to share it personally with us, please welcome, Michael Guillen. Michael, God loves you, and so do we.


MG: Thank you, Bob. Thank you, God bless you. Thank you brothers and sisters, thank you.


RAS: Well when we asked you to come and be our guest here today, you immediately said yes.


MG: I said let me think about it for a microsecond. Yes!


RAS: Yes!


MG: First of all, I’m tremendously honored to be here because this ministry has ministered to my adulthood more than any other. And that’s a mouthful when you consider that my own family, as you know, my grandfather’s and my father were all Spanish speaking Pentecostal ministers and I was raised in that tradition. And my paternal grandfather, in particular, just meant a great deal to me. 


But this ministry, Bob, has been with my family and I through thick and thin, through all the ups and downs we all experience in our lifetimes. I remember when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 45, this ministry was there to comfort her and to comfort us. And when that disease took her away, this ministry was there to comfort her in her last days. 


This ministry was there when my father was diagnosed with melanoma. And this ministry was there comforting him in his last days, and us as well. When Laurel, my wife, and I were struggling to have a family, this ministry was there, comforting us and guiding us. 


And I remember one specific incident, Bob, when we were in the throes of this crisis in our lives, I wanted to reach out to your dad for some advice and prayer. And I remember calling the main number and they said, ‘well, he’s been invited by the Pope to be in Vatican to watch Mother Teresa be beatified.’ And they put me through to him, all the way to the Vatican..


RAS: Wow.


MG: ..and there he was. And it was amazing to me that the ministry was there, even in that time when I’m sure it wasn’t convenient to receive a call from me. 


This ministry has been with my family when our struggle to have a family had a happy ending. And I can only tell you, Bob, that I’m not alone. There’s nothing special about me. I’ve seen this ministry minister to tens of millions of people. I remember one instance, for example, you and your dad came to Boston. And it was a big event.


RAS: I remember that.


MG: Do you remember that?


RAS: Yes, I do.


MG: We were invited to sit at the head table. And I remember your dad not even being able to eat his dinner because there was a line of people just wanting to thank him for all the things that this ministry had done in their lives. 


I could go on and on and on, but I can tell you quite honestly that I thank the Lord every single day that this ministry came into my life, Bob. And I just want to thank the whole Schuller family, the staff and all the other ministers, and every single one of you brothers and sisters who have been there through it all. 


We’ve laughed and cried together, and that’s what life is about, and that’s what this ministry has been. Through the medium of television, which I know so well, you’ve been able to touch the lives of many people all around the world in the most intimate way, and it’s really wonderful.


RAS: Well Michael, I know that you have a beautiful son, and what a tremendous gift from God that is. And you have a wonderful wife, Laurel.


MG: Our son is truly a miracle. I’d love to tell the story.


RAS: Tell the story, please.


MG: I love to tell the story because this is a story of God’s mercy and love. When my wife and I got married, we expected like with any marriage, there would be rough spots along the way. You don’t expect the perfect marriage. But never in my wildest dreams, Bob, did I ever expect that having children would have been a problem, among the problems we would face. I always just assumed like most young couples when they get married, that we would have children. And I wanted a big family. I was the last male in the Guillen family, so naturally I wanted a son to pass on the name. It was very deep for me. 


So it was a shock to us when we found out we weren’t able to have children. And being in the public eye like I am, I have access to all the best doctors in the country. We were living in Boston at the time, so we went to see the biggest infertility doctor in town. And I remember he put us through all these tests, and then he called us into his office and he said, ‘well, I have some good news and bad news for you.’ He said, ‘the good news is you both check out medically. You’re just fine.’ He said, ‘the bad news is you have what’s called unexplained infertility.’ And I thought to myself, well gee, thanks a lot. That sheds a whole lot of light on the problem.


RAS: Yes!


MG: And then I got his bill and I thought whoa, thanks!


RAS: Gee! 


MG: Thanks a lot! I could have said that even before coming here! But little did we know that that was the beginning of one of the most painful but ultimately joyous experiences of our life. It brought us close to the Lord and it turned out to be such a blessing. 


We did all the things that a well educated modern couple would do. We had all the medical procedures, up to a point. There were things that we didn’t believe in. But nothing worked. And so we ran out of options. Our minds just couldn’t think of anything else to do. 


I remember one Sunday, driving home from church; this was back in Boston, and both of us simultaneously were convicted with the same feeling – we had to adopt. And of course then all the fears and all the trepidations and the million and one questions surfaced, but the Lord kept us going. 


And in the end, He delivered the most beautiful son any father could possibly have. There’s no way that we could have a child more like ourselves and we could love more than the son that God delivered to us. And every morning when I wake him up to prepare him for school, I look into his face and I see the eyes of Jesus staring back at me and saying, “fear not, for I am here with you always.” And I see the love of Jesus and His mercy in my son’s eyes.


RAS: That’s wonderful. Now the last time you were here, I understand you were ordained. Has that had any impact on your life?


MG: You know, many of you know I was born in the Mexican barrio of East LA, and little did I know that my life would become entwined in the life of this precious ministry, but it did. And gradually, as I’ve just described, this ministry has been a part of my life, all culminating in that moment when you and your father ordained me. 


And it was remarkable timing, Bob, because it was at a time when I had just written my third book called, Can a Smart Person Believe in God? I remember when I had told my agents I was going to write this book, I had already written two best selling math books, and I told them I was going to write this, they kind of looked at me as if I had three heads. Can a smart person believe in God? Why do you want to write a book like that? You’re a scientist. And I said this is not a book that I want to write, this is a book that the Lord wants me to write.


RAS: You had to write.


MG: And what has happened when you ordained me, is that that book and that ordination has allowed me now to realize what I believe is my destiny; the destiny that was foreshadowed by my father and my two grandfathers, and that is to have a ministry of my own. 


And from this day on, Bob, my pledge to the Lord, before you all here and now, is to do nothing but to serve the Lord till the day they bury me in the ground. I’ve served my career, but when I surrendered my life to the Lord, I intend to serve Him for the remainder of my day. 


RAS: Michael, thank you. 


MG: God bless you, and this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning, brothers and sisters.


RAS: Amen. Amen.


MG: Let’s go into the future boldly.


RAS: Thank you, Michael. God loves you and so do we.


MG: God bless you, God bless you.


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