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Rob Ekno

2158 2020-06-12

SSC: As we have been looking at what we could do with our campus, one of my prayers has been, 'Lord, what is Your vision for this campus?' And I really believe that God said to me, 'Sheila, My vision for this campus is to be a place that will reach the hurting and the lost in our community.' So I started to think about what that could look like and began playing with the term Hope Center of Orange County.

I've invited Rob Ekno to join me here today. He's one of our lay men here at our church. When God gave me the vision, He said He would provide all the resources and Rob is probably one of the most important resources that God provided. I believe Rob has captured the vision that God gave to me, and as I was talking to Rob, it turns out God has given him the same vision. So we are brother and sister, and are really excited about what God is going to do here. Rob, thank you for being here today.

RE: Thank you. So Sheila, you came to me a few weeks back and said you had a vision to save lives.

SSC: Amen.

RE: And not only save lives, but turn lives around.

SSC: Transform them through Jesus Christ.

RE: Exactly. I myself was humbled 20 years ago. I was living on the street and at one point, was ready to jump off a bridge. I asked God to save my life and now it's my turn to give back to others. I have almost 19 years of sobriety and God has done many miracles in my life.

So I'm honored that you asked me to step up to build the foundation for your Hope Center, which is starting off with the Monday Meals program. The program is off to a great start, but its not just about providing meals for the homeless or needy or those overcoming addictions; this is about a whole package.

We recently had a medical place that showed up and provided free blood pressure checks for the folks. We have someone providing hair cuts, making sure everybody looks good. That was one of the things when I was walking the streets, I always went into the bathroom at the bus station and made sure I looked good because you still want to feel good while you're out there, even when you have nothing.

SSC: And how can you find a job if your appearance is taking a toll because you're living on the streets?

RE: Absolutely. We also have Eileen in your Human Resources department, who has volunteered her time to type anybody's resume for them and provide job interview skills for them, as well. This isn't about just feeding somebody for the day; this is about jump starting their lives again.

SSC: That's right.

RE: Right now, we feed about 200 people a week and our goal is to get up to several thousand. So if you're a doctor who can spare a couple of minutes of time, if you're a beautician, if you're an entertainer, we can use you. We want to reach out to the community and we need help.

Nobody leaves on Monday's without getting a hug and told that they're loved. These are children of God who are going through a different stage in their life, and thanks to people like our congregation and people watching on the Hour of Power who came to me 20 years ago and said what can I do to help you, now it's my journey. That's my mission. God put something on my heart to do something big and when you asked me to help build this Hope Center, it was an answer to prayer.

SSC: Rob, I just want to thank you. God has entrusted us with this campus so that we can be a light and a hope center for our county for those who need hope.

I'd like to have a prayer for you, Rob. Lord God Almighty, thank You for Rob. Thank You for lifting him up. Thank You for rescuing him from the grips of addiction. Thank You for restoring him completely. Oh God, You have transformed his life so he can be transforming for You. And Jesus, we just pray that You will guide him, direct him and bless him and his family, in Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

RE: Amen.

SSC: Thank you, Rob. For those who are interested in connecting with Rob and helping with Hope Center, please contact the Crystal Cathedral Ministry at 714-971-4039.


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