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Jose Henriquez

2154 2020-05-15

RHS: I suppose everybody remembers the headline news seen all over the world - a mine had trapped miners in Chile. Thirty-three Chilean miners were trapped in a mine nearly 2,000 feet below the surface of the earth for 69 days. Yet everyone made it out alive, and one of the main reasons is because one of the miners used his faith and the power of prayer to keep them calm and bring them out with hope. His name is Jose Henriquez and he's with us today. We also have two other miners with us today in our congregation: Samuel Avalos and Juan Illanes. Thank you for being with us today.

So Jose, what happened? Did the roof collapse?

JH: Something happened in the mine and we were surprised. It was an explosion that trapped us. So once we checked that everybody was okay, we organized ourselves to confront the situation. Everyone was given their own tasks to do to fix the place and get all together. The refuge we were in was too small and was not big enough for everybody so we all worked together to make it livable. We just had enough food for three or four days and maybe 40 gallons of water that would only last for one day. We had some tuna, some cookies, and some milk.

Everybody knew that I was a Christian so they asked me if I could lead them in prayer.

So we prayed to God and we presented the problem to Him and we gave it to His hands. God loves the ones who humble themselves, so we trust our Lord and we humble ourselves before God and lay it right at His feet. I think we touched God's heart and He took care of us.

So the days passed. We prayed for the 69 days that we were down there, knowing the Holy Spirit was there. We were singing, we were praying and God was restoring lives, and the result was that 22 of the miners accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

RHS: That's wonderful! And you had a bible that was given to you while you were in the mine, correct?

JH: Yes, this is the bible that I used to preach down there. After 17 days, when it was discovered that we were alive, I received this bible when they first broke through to where we were. I preached from this bible.

We had bible studies and we had a service down there every day. We would study the bible and I would give everyone tasks to do before we would meet again.

RHS: Are you a minister?

JH: No, I'm just a son of God. I accepted Jesus Christ 27 years ago and I continue to have faith today. So God used me down in the mine. This was an opportunity for me to preach about God, so I'm here to tell you that there is a God who is alive today. He is a God that has ears and listens.

RHS: Hallelujah! Has this experience changed your life?

JH: Yes, of course. I believe everyone changed. When we were rescued from the mine, we went back to our homes. We'd had accidents before, but never one like this. I believe God has taken this accident and made a good thing of it. Other countries are making changes to keep their miners safe, like New Zealand, Columbia and Mexico. Because of this accident, people around the world are coming together.

So God has blessed us. It's not our thing; it's a God thing and that's why I'm here testifying about the God that is alive. He has power and He heals. He's a wonderful God. To the one who calls His name, He'll respond. So I'm here today, thanks to the mercy of God.

RHS: Are you going back to be a miner?

JH: Well once I'm not so busy traveling, I'll go back. I'm sure my fellow miners also want to go back to the mine, too.

RHS: That's wonderful. I'd like to say a prayer for you. Thank You, Lord. Thank You, God that he's alive, that they were all saved and that Jose kept the faith. So bless him and the rest of the miners, amen.

Thank you for being our guest today.


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