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Brady Boyd

2150 04/17/11

RHS: Today, I'm interviewing somebody whom you may have heard about. Just three months after Pastor Brady Boyd became the lead pastor at New Life Church in Colorado, a gunman came in and opened fire following the morning church service. New Life Church had gone through a very sad and shameful tragedy not many months before, and Pastor Boyd had heard God's call to come resurrect this church, but now they were struck with a new tragedy. Pastor Boyd has captured this true life story in his incredible new book, Fear no Evil: A test of faith, a courageous church and an unfailing God. Please welcome with me, Pastor Brady Boyd.

BB: Thank you, Dr. Schuller.

RHS: Thank you, pastor. Did you actually hear the shots?

BB: Yes, I did. Pastor Jack Hayford was our guest speaker that day and we were having lunch in my office after the services that morning. My assistant Karla came to the door unexpectedly and I'll never forget her voice, she said, "There's a shooter on campus." And at that moment, I heard the automatic gunfire on the first floor underneath my office. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life because I have two small children and that hallway is where we do children's ministry every Sunday. So my first thought was my wife and kids are in that hallway. I rushed to my phone, picked it up and dialed my wife's number and to my relief, she had already left the campus so my wife and children were safe.

But it was an awful day. We would later find out that two young girls, 18 and 16-year-old Rachel and Stephanie Works, were getting in a van with their family out in the parking lot, and the gunman, a young man named Matthew Murray, had come on our campus with a thousand rounds of ammunition strapped to his vest, two hand guns and an AR-15 automatic weapon. He had opened fire into their van, killing both of the young girls, injuring their father, and wounding another woman who was driving by in her car.

He then came into our church building. The services had already been dismissed, but there were still hundreds of people in the building, and they were running for their lives. He was firing down the hallway and a very heroic volunteer security guard, a young woman, came down that hallway and stopped him. He then crawled into an adjacent hallway and took his own life. I have to say, that day was the darkest day of my life.

When I walked in to where the police had gathered everyone, the mother of these two young girls was sitting in a chair and I'll never forget; she was covered in the blood of her own daughters. I remember two or three hundred of us gathering around her and praying. And that day, I saw the power and the beauty of the church. The power of church, the power of family and it changed us. It's changed our lives, it's changed the way we worship, it changed the way we treat one another, the way we talk to one another. God used a senseless tragedy to do something miraculous in our fellowship.

RHS: Is it still changing you today?

BB: Yes, there's no doubt. I believe one of the big ideas of this book is that it teaches us to embrace the suffering that is inevitable. Jesus Himself said, "In this world you will have trouble, but take heart: I've overcome the world." So I wrote the book for that reason.

Our church had just gone through a scandal with its former pastor, and 13 months later there was a shooting. Our church should be a big used car lot right now. It should have gone away and not exist anymore. Instead, we baptized 900 new Christ followers this past year. It's truly a miracle.

RHS: Let me just read the back of the book jacket, comments by Lee Strobel: "Here's a riveting true story of tragedy and triumph of God's uncanny ability to bring good out of the most heart breaking situations. You'll find hope, encouragement and fresh faith as you travel this painful but ultimately uplifting journey with my friend Brady Boyd."

BB: A few weeks after the shooting, I called the family of the young man who'd done this horrible thing, and I asked them if they wanted to meet with the family of the two young girls who had died. I found out that the family of the shooter were Christ followers.

And in my office, the mom and the dad of the young man who brought murder and bloodshed to our church campus, met face to face with the parents of these two young girls who had died. And that moment was the greatest moment I've ever experienced of repentance and forgiveness. I saw them weeping and crying, hugging one another. I heard the dad of the shooter say "I'm so sorry you lost your daughters," and I heard the dad of the young girls look at the dad of the shooter and say "I'm so sorry you lost your son."

I tell this story in the book because it is a story of our gospel: redemption, forgiveness and hope. And my hope is that these stories will serve to encourage everyone who's found themselves in the dark valleys of life, because there is hope on the other side. God was with us in our tragedy.

Psalm 23:4 says, "Even though you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for You are with us." This is based on the book and this is the reason we don't have to fear evil. God is among us, even in the dark places.

RHS: Brady, thank you for the courage to write the book.

BB: Thank you very much.

RHS: Brady's book, Fear no Evil: A test of faith, a courageous church and an unfailing God is available at hourofpower.org.


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  1. rebeccal writes:

    What a beautiful sermon. It gives me hope and a future.

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    04/19/2011 09:05:33
  2. glowzone723 writes:

    A timely message not only for tthe dying but for the living most especially.It reminds me to accept death as a happy ending and that God is with us in all kinds of valley of darkness in our lives...its not only death,sorrows,trials,crisis,problems,hardships name it we have it but God is with us ,in us,beside us, here with us all the time.As long as eh have Jesus in our lives and accept Him as our Lord and Saviour,we are not alone during these darkness of our lives.I am now confident more than confident that God will se me thorugh the valley of darkness,He will let me lie on green pastures for I shall await Him for all situations I am in now.My life might be a mess in terms of my finances but He will do something big with it.I fully surrender all my worries and fears upon Him and someday He will give me rest from all of these.Let us all find tme ti be with Our Lord and Saviour each day ,know Him deeply and offer our lives to Him and sacrifice for others as well.God is truly amazing!

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    04/20/2011 15:18:26
  3. youngeone writes:

    Thank you for this encouraging word , JESUS IS OUR GOOD SHEPHERD , our life continues after this life is over and with accepting JESUS , giving our hearts to HIM ,the future is secure .We will be forever be in the presence of GOD .

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    04/28/2011 18:20:43

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