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Crystal Cathedral

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Crystal Cathedral Today

Crystal Cathedral Today

Life, Liberty, Faith & Love!

When members of the United States Second Continental Congress approved the remarkable document we know as the Declaration of Independence, they plainly declared their belief in God.

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  • June 2008
    Fill Your Summer with Possibilities!
    Our Senior Pastor Robert A. Schuller recently announced plans to expand the online availability of our ministry’s Hour of Power, the world’s first, longest-running, and most-watched weekly-televised church service.

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  • May 2008
    Ignite Together through God's POWER for LIFE!
    When I became the Senior Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral on January 22, 2006, one of my goals was to create an exciting new Bible that included devotional readings, articles, and study references that would add new and powerful insights to people's faith.

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  • April 2008
    Answering God’s Call to "Serve the World"
    God has given us a dream. A BIG DREAM. A dream for something we have never done before. Our dream is to reach the entire nation of China with the love, hope, and healing power of Jesus Christ, not just by talking about it, but also by being it.

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  • March 2008
    Experience the Positive Power of the Cross!
    As we celebrate the significance of Easter here at the Crystal Cathedral, it’s the perfect time to remember our Lord’s sacrifice on the cross nearly 2,000 years ago, and why the cross, itself, is the central symbol of our Christian faith...

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  • February 2008
    Believe it! See it!
    Last month I began a series of messages entitled “Believe It! See It!” During this series, which continues this month, my intention is to inspire and motivate you to challenge any obstacles in your life that are keeping you from achieving the dreams that God has placed in your heart.

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  • January 2008
    Influencing Culture Positively for Christ!
    Rethink is a brand new, cutting-edge conference being held at your Crystal Cathedral from January 17-19, 2008, and you are encouraged by me to attend. And I have the privilege of cohosting this unique event with one of the nation’s leading cultural architects, Erwin McManus.

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  • December 2007
    Together, Let's Experience the Blessing of Christmas!
    I have had the unique privilege of visiting Israel dozens of times, most recently this past October when more than 500 Hour of Power friends and family members joined my wife Donna and me on a spectacular, ten-day “Walk Where Jesus Walked” Holy Land Tour. Every time I travel to this region, I’m struck by the awesome fact that this is...

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  • November 2007
    Everyone Should Walk in their Own Shoes
    A few weeks ago, I was talking with my mother and sharing with her about my book, Walking in Your Own Shoes, which becomes available on November 1, and she had the most wonderful and creative idea.

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  • October 2007
    Discover God's Direction for Your Life!
    Walking in Your Own Shoes
    This month, starting on Sunday, October 7, I will share with you from my soon-to-be-released new book, Walking in Your Own Shoes: Discovering God’s Plan for Your Life. My hope, upon hearing this...

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  • September 2007
    A Warm Welcome for Our Neighbors & Friends!
    What a wonderful community we have surrounding the Crystal Cathedral, filled with people and families of all ages and from diverse backgrounds. And like any good neighbor, we want to put out the welcome mat, swing wide our...

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  • August 2007
    Make a Joyful Noise!
    How did the Church begin? It pretty much followed the way that the Jewish people had been experiencing worship every week on Saturday, the Sabbath, when they went to their house...

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  • July 2007
    Jesus Christ - Our True Source of Freedom!
    As we celebrate the birth of our country this month — and the birth of freedom as we know it — let’s continue to support and uphold our courageous troops around the world, and the many others from different countries, cultures, and faith who are bravely putting their lives on the line for world peace.

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  • June 2007
    Praying for the Future of Faith and Community
    During the month of May, our Senior Pastor and his wife, Robert A. and Donna Schuller, traveled to the Ukraine, Holland, Germany, and Switzerland as they met with world leaders and our extended church family to pray for the future of our faith and this ministry.

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  • May 2007
    "Jesus Christ is Everything!"
    “Jesus Christ is everything! I know that now. If I had known that years and years ago, I would have been three times the man I thought I was,” said the legendary daredevil, Evel Knievel, after he finished his astonishing testimony in the Crystal Cathedral on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2007. He had been baptized by my father. His face was wet with tears.

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  • Crystal Cathedral Today

    April 2007
    Something for Everyone at the Crystal Cathedral!
    As the Crystal Cathedral Ministries is launched into the next half century, exciting plans have been made as we assess the needs of both the global and local congregations. In keeping with the heritage of Crystal Cathedral and the legacy of Dr. and Mrs. Schuller, the next 50 years will break new, pioneering ground for the ministry worldwide.

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  • March 2007
    Bringing Hope to a Hurting World!
    When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf Coast in 2005, several members of my wife’s family lost their homes and everything they had. But throughout their ordeal, Donna’s family never lost hope. Hope is the common thread that links great survivors throughout history.

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  • Crystal Cathedral Today

    February 2007
    God's Grace Creates a "Church with a Heart”
    When we speak of "missions" what do we mean? Definition: It is the "partnering" with those of good works to meet the needs of those who have 1) not heard the "good news" of the gospel of Christ, or 2) have not experienced that "good news." Also find "Strength for the Fragile Heart" from Pastor Schuller's message.

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  • January 2007

    January 2007
    Plan the Future of our “Church Without Walls”
    Crystal Cathedral family, first and foremost, I want to thank you for welcoming, so graciously, the Poit family into this church body! Since accepting the positions of Director of Children's Ministries and Executive Pastor, Linda and I have felt the warmth of your smiles and the caring of your prayers.

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