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Crystal Cathedral

Watch the Hour of Power online and on television (Saturday at 6PM PST on TBN, Sunday at 8AM EST/PST on Lifetime)

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Share Your Story

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Please keep the following in mind when creating and submitting videos to our web site:

Be yourself! Tell your story with a beginning, middle, and end.

Be sure NOT to include footage of anyone who has not given their permission to do so according to our terms and conditions.

Set the camera's framing to show yourself from the waist or chest up to the top of your head.

Do not wear clothing with large logos, writing, or patterns of any kind.

A tripod or other stationary surface will minimize camera motion and create a more visually pleasing video.

We want to hear you clearly! Please make sure there is no music or loud background noise of any kind.

We want to see you clearly! Make sure your image is captured in focus and with enough light to see your face in detail.

It's easy! Just use our friendly website upload feature and try to work within the following parameters:

Keep your file size under 100 megabytes.

When you save the video file onto your computer, use one of the more common video formats available:
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