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Crystal Cathedral

Watch the Hour of Power online and on television (Saturday at 6PM PST on TBN, Sunday at 8AM EST/PST on Lifetime)

Share your story!

To our friends around the world,

The Hour of Power wants to hear your story!

As we prepare for the 2000th telecast to air on June 1st, you can participate by telling us how the Hour of Power has changed your life.

And so, we invite you to share your story - in video or written form - with your online Crystal Cathedral community and via the Hour of Power.

Describe your journey with Jesus, and how this ministry has helped you along your path of faith.

Reveal the moment you moved from longing to the acceptance of Jesus as your Savior and friend.

Share whatever comes to mind when you think of your faith experience and how it has been enhanced by Crystal Cathedral Ministries.

Share your faith with the world and you can be a part of helping someone else change their life.

So, put that webcam on your home computer to good use and upload your video or written testimony today directly to our website.

To do so, choose one of the options below.  Also, read our Video Tips.

You will need to be logged in or if you do not have an account yet, click here to create one.

Upload a video testimony
Upload a written testimony

  • This is a simple two step process. 

  • 1.  You will be asked for some personal details, and then...
  • 2.  'Upload' your written or video content.
  • ...and that's it!