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Crystal Cathedral

Watch the Hour of Power online and on television (Saturday at 6PM PST on TBN, Sunday at 8AM EST/PST on Lifetime)

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"It is God at work in you, giving you the will and the power to achieve his purpose."

- Philippians 2:13

As a supporting partner, you’ll also make a prayerfully-guided decision to give back to God a portion of the gifts with which He has entrusted to you.

Supporting partners come in many forms—Eagles and Sparrows Club members, one-time and regular givers, legacy estate donators—but they all share something in common: they commit to help the "Hour of Power" to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, as commissioned by Christ, himself (Mark 16:15).

In turn, the "Hour of Power" and Crystal Cathedral Ministries commit to be faithful stewards of every gift, using God’s guidance and empowerment to reach our community and the world with the message: "God loves you, and so do we!"

Supporting Partners may choose to: