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Crystal Cathedral

Watch the Hour of Power online and on television (Saturday at 6PM PST on TBN, Sunday at 8AM EST/PST on Lifetime)


More About House of Power

As we are marching toward 3,000+ Houses of Power, we have 3 objectives we keep in mind as we march:

1. 94% of the people in America are reported to have a belief in God. I believe those that are Christ followers want to make at least a simple statement of that faith. Not everyone wants to go down to the pier on Monday nights and pass out tracks. So we have met that need and invite you, if you haven’t already, to join our Houses of Power. We want to honor each individual and each individual home as a House of Power. We have for you a beautiful statement of 'positive faith' that you can frame and hang in your home and a 'clingy' you can place in a window of your home, or in your car.

2. We want to help you grow on your journey of faith. In a recent study, 82% of those polled, desired to grow spiritually. We have three new studies that can help you along your way. "Possibility Living", "Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do", and "The Positive Family". We still have last years DVD’s for those who took a liking to those.

3. As each individual House of Power is ready, we want to provide opportunity for them to 'gather', all over the United States and ultimately around the world, everywhere the Hour of Power is seen. As we 'gather' together in the community of faith, we are built up and we build up and encourage others.

This is an exciting time, and we are looking to an exciting future. I believe Houses of Power will bring us together, wherever we live and gather, into one huge family portrait of believers that will bring joy to the heart of Jesus. Will you join us?

God loves you and so do I!

Pastor Beverly Muffin
(714) 971-4325

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