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Crystal Cathedral

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Begin a New Life with God

Prayer to Receive Christ as Lord and Savior

I'm happy to lead you in a prayer to begin your new life with God. Repeat after me:

Dear God, thank you that you love me and care for me... And that you sent Jesus Christ to be my Savior...

I realize its only with the help of Jesus that I can be right with you... And breakthrough the barriers that have held me back from your good purposes for me...

Lord God, I want to turn my life over to your leadership... I am sorry that I have not been trusting you to direct my life... That I have been going my own way...

Thank you Lord Jesus for your forgiveness... For a new life with you and your loving Father... For the gift of your Holy Spirit... That I can live with you in your love, joy, and peace forever!...

O God, I want to see Jesus in all that I do each day... To see your smile... To see your arms open to me... Teach me to follow Jesus step-by-step... To love you and other people as he does...


We would like to walk with you on your journey with Christ. We have provided some opportunities to connect with us. Please take a minute to consider your next step and let us be there for you.

Would you like to share your story?

Everyone has a story and we would love to hear yours. Please, take a minute and share with us how you came to make a decision to follow Jesus and, perhaps, the part this ministry has played in that decision.

Yes, share my story with others!
Please share only with Crystal Cathedral pastors.

We would like you to have this helpful pamphlet entitled, "Discover the God who Believes in You." In this pamphlet, you'll read of how much you are loved and forgiven, and how you can now make a positive difference for Christ. Your pamphlet also comes with a "Ticket to Heaven" to carry in your pocket or purse. Plus, we would also send you a link to download a copy of Pastor Juan Carlos Ortiz's New Life 101: What it Means to be a Christian.

Please email me the link to download a pdf copy of the pamphlet.
Thank you, but I do not need the pamphlet.

Contact Information

Yes, I would like a representative from the ministry to contact me.
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