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Crystal Cathedral

Main Service Times: Main - 9:30 & 11:00 AM | Evening - 7:00 PM | Arabic - 1:15 PM

Urgent Message

Dear Friend:

Following Sheila Schuller Coleman’s recent decision to leave the Crystal Cathedral with Jim Penner and the praise music team, lead by Debbie and Scott Smith, the good news is...

...the Crystal Cathedral ministry will continue!

We have been listening to you. Based on your comments, we’re making changes (and will continue to fine tune) to bring you the very best Sunday service and church ministries. On Sunday mornings, we will now welcome Robert V. (Bobby) Schuller and a variety of great preachers, inspiring guests...and Don Neuen returns to direct the Crystal Cathedral Choir! The mighty Hazel Wright organ and most loved hymns will be, once again, part of the great musical tradition at the Crystal Cathedral, supported by guest soloists and groups that you will want to hear.

In mid-February, at the invitation of the Board of Directors, I accepted the position of the ministries’ President and CEO. My most pressing desire is to thank you for your prayers, support, and your heart for God and for this ministry. Today, I want to answer the most-asked questions about Crystal Cathedral Ministries in the form of an “update” on the future of our church.

Why do we no longer see Dr. Schuller in the pulpit? Dr. Schuller has retired from the ministry and is no longer involved in its day-to-day operations. At the age of 85, we respect his decision to slow down, and know he well deserves this time of rest and reflection. He and Arvella are doing well, physically, but due to the ongoing legal cases, etc., they find it difficult to attend the church.

Where is Sheila Schuller Coleman? Over the months, as we received feedback expressing increasing displeasure over the new direction of the music during Sunday services, Sheila and Jim Penner were asked by the congregation and the board to change the format of the service. Sheila felt very strongly about the music and her ministry direction, and she and Jim have moved their ministry, Hope Center OC (of Christ), to another location. We wish them the best in this new endeavor.

Who is now in the pulpit? Will Robert A. Schuller return? At this time, as the board stabilizes the local church and televised service following this change in leadership, Dr. Lawrence Wilkes will be in the pulpit for a few Sundays and then a series of guest speakers will bring their messages of encouragement and inspiration. Bobby Schuller will be a regular guest speaker and has offered his help in rebuilding the best Sunday morning service possible. Plus, now-volunteer Choir Director Don Neuen is back, along with Orchestra Director Marc Riley! Meanwhile, Robert A. Schuller continues to be a supporter of this ministry as he and his talented son-in-law, Chris Wyatt, work on new endeavors in positive, family media.

Now that the Roman Catholic Diocese owns the grounds, how does that affect the church and the Hour of Power? As church member and viewer support continues, the church services will continue and the Hour of Power will remain on the air no matter where the church is located. When it became clear that selling the property would be best for the future of this ministry, the board and Dr. Schuller decided to sell to the Catholic Diocese so the buildings and grounds would always remain places of worship, as they were intended. Though other offers were greater, the campus would not have remained a site for Christian worship.

I hope that these answers have helped clarify any confusing, incorrect, or negative information you may have received. As this ministry continues to reach out to a hurting world with the positive good news of Jesus Christ...to bring hope and healing, despite these challenging times...your understanding, patience, and prayers are much appreciated and warmly welcomed.

May I offer you a personal invitation to join us this Sunday at the Crystal Cathedral? See for yourself how this ministry is returning to its tradition while introducing a revitalized worship service.

This ministry is at a critical moment in its history. The world is feeling the pressures of continuing uncertain financial times, while unemployment and job insecurity remains at all-time highs across America and much of the world. Our message of Hope and Help and Healing has never been more requested and needed and we are responding to this need every week locally and on our worldwide Hour of Power.

Now we need your help to ensure that this ministry can continue, for it is only through your financial support and prayers that we can pay rent on our location and other essential costs which, today, are at an all-time low because of the stringent cost cutting efforts we have made.

We need to move forward quickly or, sadly, the lights will be turned off. Your donation, today, will make all the difference.

God loves you and so do we!

John Charles, President & CEO

P.S. As I write, we have funds enough for six weeks, so your donation to your Crystal Cathedral, today, is urgent. You may donate online, or call Anna Orozco at 1-714-971-4012.

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